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  1. The idle on my 2009 was set high from the dealership too. I rode it till it warmed up, and set the idle where I thought it should be. Its the big Phillips screw on the left side of the carb. Use a long screw driver so you don't burn your fingers.
  2. The site XT250report.com has been abandoned, and the domain address is for sale. the last time I was able to get on, all the new posts were spam. Buba 606
  3. The magnets go on with a peal & stick adhesive and a zip tie. It worked 4 me here in Kansas. I'm not selling them but at $10 or so, doesn't sound like you have 2 much 2 lose.
  4. search E-bay with this link: http://motors.shop.ebay.com/items/Motorcycle-Parts__traffic-light? Should come back with lots of hits. I mounted it with plastic zip ties on the cross bar between the frame down tubes. Cruisers don't have this problem because they sit closer 2 the pavement & have much more steel.
  5. I don't know what they use in Nevada, but most states use an induction loop ( a wire buried in a groove cut in the pavement in a single or double loop) that senses the steel frame of a vehicle. If it's a double loop, the center strip is more sensitive. Some lights use infrared sensors (looks like a camera mounted near the traffic light. Never encountered a weight sensor. I bought a magnet on E-bay that mounts on the frame & helps trigger the lights, but after I installed the steel bash plate from Turbo-city, the problem went away.
  6. Thanks, but it's not my site. http://www.xt250report.com is run by a college student and I was just trying to be helpful by passing on the information you requested. A word of caution. Not all information on the forums is valid. Some of the opinions are only worth what you pay for it.
  7. The XT 250 manual can be downloaded for free at http://www.xt250report.com
  8. Check out the new Wolfman enduro saddle bags & duffel combo. http://www.wolfmanluggage.com/Enduro/EnduroSaddleBags.html
  9. Too little, too late. Glad I bought the Turbo City rack, its a useful size and it was available when I needed a rack.
  10. I to adjusted the idle with a screwdriver when I got the bike home from the dealer. Stupid me, expecting the dealer to actuality prep the bike before delivery. Guess I should have taken tools with me to pick up my bike.
  11. I'd like to 2nd PonyPowers comments. My 09 XT250 starts easy, warms up quickly, the front wheel doesn't wobble and it consistently gets mid 70s gas mileage. The only thing close to a problem was as delivered, it idled at 3000+ rpm when warmed up & I burnt my nose pickin finger trying to reach the idle screw. I would have gladly paid the $50 or so difference for better tires like trail wings and I cannot comprehend any reason for other than bullheaded stupidity for Yamaha refusing to make available the oem accessories sold in other markets. Fortunately, Turbo City has steeped up to fill the accessory void. Overall, its been an excellent bike for the price and fills my needs as delivered.
  12. In the 1st 500 miles on my 09 XT250, I have not experienced anything more than the normal rain groove wobble, however I would have gladly paid an extra $50 or more for tires from a reputable manufacture. That said, I have no compelling reason not to wear out these POS chinshing aka maxxis 6006 tires before replacing them. The rear will probably be toast by 2000 miles & I'm looking at IRC GP1s.
  13. 4 some time, I have been lurking this & several threads on thumpertalk gleaning knowledge to make an informed decision as which bike would best suit my needs. The response to simple questions on the other threads were arrogant, hostile, and in some cases flames. On this thread, there is a friendly, community like atmosphere and every question I had was asked, and answered in an helpful manner. I pick up my 09 XT 250 on Monday, my purchase decision influenced in no small way by the knowledge I gained from this thread. Thanks folks.