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  1. pingerkid

    MX tracks close to listowel?

    hey thanks
  2. hey, im lookin to get a truck that gets good fuel milage, that will have enough room to carry my sled, lookin for early to mid 1990's. Thanks
  3. pingerkid

    MX tracks close to listowel?

    anyone know of any in this area, heard of one in Arthur but no more info on it . Thanks
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ just got the jug back today and need the torque specs thanks
  5. ^^^^ just wondering if there is another one more for beginers, someone told me about one, but didnt know much about it, they thought it was called MX, any info is appreciated thankx
  6. pingerkid

    weekend rining at the walton track

    does ne one now if u can ride there on the weekends when there is no racing, thanks
  7. pingerkid

    anyone have a modded xr80/100

    if so, show pics, i kind of wanna get one for a pitbike, thanks
  8. pingerkid

    Look What I Have!!!

    sweet deal, im from listowel ill be goin there when i get my bike fixed
  9. HI, i just bought a yz 125 with low comp, and took it a part and the jug was damaged and I dont now where to get it fix in ontario, i have heard there is a place in Quebec. Any Ideas on how much it would be. Thanks
  10. pingerkid

    yz 400 vs yz 250

    hi,is the yzf an acutal mx bike how does it compare to the yz in weight and suspension
  11. pingerkid

    Linwood track???

    no i havent heard about it, if ur lookin for a good track theres one in ethel, near molesworth listowel area. Do you know of any other tracks around the kitchener area
  12. pingerkid

    the 1980's kx's??

    are they ne good? how do they compare to the 80's crs. Can i keep up to my friends on there new bikes, we only ride just for fun. Thanks
  13. pingerkid

    will a stator of 84 cr125 work on 1992

    is there a website i can get that info from
  14. hi, will a stator of 84 cr125 work on 1992, the reason is because im lookin at the 92 and it needs a stator and i have an 84 parts engine. thanks