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  1. Cool... I've also got a Fun Runner and haven't taken on this task yet. So far I just installed a small, 12V 'underdash' DVD player and a little flatscreen TV. The DVD player also plays CDs, but only through the little speakers on the TV. Could you take some pics during your install, and share them with us? If you don't have photo hosting capabilities, you can email me the pics and I'll put them in my Smugmug account, so that they can be easily posted here. Thanks, Tom
  2. My '04 Durango w/hemi and class IV hitch has a towing capacity of 8900#. I tow a Carson Fun Runner FL 162 16' toy hauler, usually with 3 decent sized (950-1200 cc) in the back. FL162 has a dry weight of only 3400#: http://www.carsontrailer.com/subs/trailers/rv_sport/pull_front_kitchen/fl_pull_kitchen.html If I'm easy with my right foot, I can get 20+ mpg (per the Durango's built-in computer) on the trip from San Jose down to L.A. While towing the FL162 over approximately the same route, my MPG drops to 8-9. Yes, you can feel the trailer behind you, but it is not bad at all. I also have airbags in the rear coil springs, which helps alot. I had a crew cab, long bed, F250 Diesel which I used to tow the FL162 1 time. Boy that was nice - You didn't even feel that trailer behind the F250. But I was kind of bummed that I only got about 10 mpg while towing. Fortunately, I sold the F250 while the price of diesel was under $4/gal, so I didn't lose my shirt on that sale (only both sleeves:mad: ) The quality/construction of the Carson Fun Runners is nothing to write home about. Everything on my rig works like it is supposed to, and the design is good. They just don't use the highest grade wood, etc. And some sacrifices need to be made to keep the weight down. All in all, I'd buy one again - They are pretty low priced in the first place, and they are functional for their intended purpose. And pretty easily (and safely) towed by a 1/2 ton truck if you keep your speeds down and following distances appropriate. Tom
  3. tmh


    I really like these things, for vehicles which don't have full info displays. I have one in my wife's Volvo S60, and one in my Dodge Ram pick-up, because neither one of those has on-the-fly MPG info. Having it in "trip" mode allows you to display MPG for the day, or since the last fill-up - really handy (and definitely helps adjust your driving for economy). The Volvo also recently threw a spurious code which turned on the CEL. Nice to be able to read and clear the code on the fly, without having to go home and get the codereader out. Tom PS: Cheapest place I have found to buy these is Amazon - Good price, no sales tax and free shipping. T
  4. tmh

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Diet, new grips and new tail/brake light. Total outlay: <$25. From this (functional, but on the heavy side): To the lighter, more svelte: New tail/brake light was from Cycle Gear, branded "Trackside", with their description and P/N of "MB Tail Light, TL-1210".
  5. Like perhaps many of you, I have been looking (and drooling) at the new KTM 690 Enduro. But at $9 large, kind of tough to justify, especially when (per the specs) it actually only weighs 19# less than an XR650L. Yeah, I know, there are plenty of other differences, mainly the motor and suspension. But I have had the suspension on my BRP gone through, and optimized for my weight/riding style. And my BRP's motor gives me plenty of what I need - So I just decided to do a weight-reduction program on the bike. Now this is not like me, as I seem to always want to have everything with me which I might possibly need out on the trail. So my bikes have a tendency to look like this: Tailbox heavy and full of tools, on a pretty heavy rack, fender bag with tubes, etc. And that big old stock tail/brake light. Lots of the local moto shops are closed on Mondays, so I went over to Cycle Gear to see what they had. They carried a replacement rear light with the "Trackside" brand name on it, Cycle Gear's description and P/N of "MB Tail Light, TL-1210". So here is how my BRP will look and ride now: Light is nice and bright, mounted easily (required 1 hole to be drilled in the fender), and is about 1/4 the size of the original. Durability to be determined, but it looks pretty stout. Can't wait to see how the lightened Pig rides! Tom
  6. tmh

    here we go again-650L book value....

    Also don't know your market, but most are typically lower than CA, so that price seems a little high to me as well. About 1 month ago I picked up an '00 with 6800 miles. Mostly stock, although it had been de-smogged and had an XRs Only header and can. Bike was generally clean, and looked like it sat around for a good portion of its life. Had new 908's f/r. I paid $2700. Good luck, Tom
  7. tmh

    Rear fender rack

    I ended up buying a Turbo City rack: $80 from New Enough: http://www.newenoughhp.com/luggage/dual_sport_luggage_racks/turbo_city/borrego_dual_sport_motorcycle_luggage_rack.html Good price, good rack. You don't want to overload it due to the bike's subframe, but I only want a rack to attach my Pelical 1400 box, and to provide a handhold for moving the bike around. Here are some pics installed on my new-old beast: And with Pelican box bolted on: Tom
  8. tmh

    How Long is your Dipstick???

    Thank you! I guess that the bike has been running with too high an oil level, probably for some time! Now time to correct that situation. Oh, and BTW: I know it has been asked before at what temp the XR650L should run. According to the instructions with the dipstick, normal operating range is 250-300 deg. F. Thanks again, Tom
  9. Not that one, the one in your bike! My bike is an '00 XR650L, and it originally came to me about a month ago with one of the XR's Only temperature dipsticks. I did not receive the OEM "plain" dipstick. The one which came with the bike had some oil under the glass, which made it difficult to read sometimes. So I order a new one from XR's Only, and to my surprise it is about 2" longer than the one which came with the bike. Here's a picture of the one on the bike when I bought it: Note that the "shaft" is 4.5" long, where the new one is 6.5" long. I emailed XR's Only, and they said the one I ordered was the correct one. Could one of you guys confirm the length of your dipstick? This has obvious ramifications on the oil level which has been run in the bike for I-don't-know-how-long, and how I'll run it in the future. Thanks, from a new BRP owner. Tom
  10. Boy, those look like pretty nice rigs! You should be able to have a lot of fun with that. Regarding extended warranties, the dealers make TONS of money selling those, and usually push very hard to get you to buy. NEVER accept their first offer. I have found that you MAY be able to get the "price" of the extended warranties cut by almost half. Another option is to join the Good Sam club (pretty cheap). They can also offer an extended warranty - Through an independent third party I believe. But with the ability to "buy in volume", I heard that they can come in at a good price. You can purchase it whether your unit is still within, or had run out of the original factory warranty. IIRC you can buy one as long as your RV or trailer is less than 12 years old, so no problem there for you. Also know that many of the options and accessories in the rig will be covered by manufacturers warranties, which may not be "non transferrable" as the dealer has told you. Finally, I would call the manuifacturer of the unit and verify the dealers statement that the original warranty cannot be transferred. This info may also be on the manufacturers web site, as those with good warranties want it to be known by the buying public. Good luck on your purchase and your drives. Tom
  11. I've got a Carson Fun Runner 16. It can take 3 bikes easily, but you need to define "full size". On my last trip I carried a KTM 950 Adventure, a KTM 950 Super Enduro and a Honda XR400 - Easily. I don't have the need to sleep 4, so I just got the rig with the 2 dinettes which fold into beds. One standard option is an additional queen size pull-down bed (from the ceiling, towards the rear of the unit). Carson also makes an 18 and IIRC a 20-21 footer, so these might be better for your needs (especially if you are primative camping, as they have larger tanks). I don't need all that much, so I went for the 16' since it is lighter. Pulls just fine with my '04 Durango (hemi, tow package). The Carson's may not be the most fancy or use the absolute top-line materials, but they are functional, competent and their value exceeds their price in my opinion. I bought mine brand new with only a couple of options (air conditioning, awning), and it was something like $11.2k OTD (and CA reg and taxes are not cheap!). Good luck, Tom
  12. Can't directly answer your question regarding the Roosters since I put the Flatland Racing ones on my '05 TE510. They went on easily and intuitively. Some of the OEM Husky hardware (bolts) seemed to be made from cheese, and this was the first occasion I had to start replacing some of the soft Husky screws and bolts with "real" hardware. Nothing related to the rad guards, and I would have done the same regardless of the brand I was installing. I really did like the Flatland stuff I bought, including the rad guards and skid plate. Tom
  13. tmh

    My new toy hauler

    Toy hauler? I thought you were talking about one of these things: I just used my Fun Runner for the first time - and I loved it! After spending the first night in it, I concluded that this was the way doG intended for me to camp. And the nice thing was that I could pretty easily fit a KTM 950 Adventure, KTM 950 Super Enduro and a Honda XR400 in the back for the drive down. This was especially important as my buddy did the following to his hand on the last ride of the trip on his SE: He was really glad that he hadn't ridden out to the ride (500 miles), and could instead ride home in comfort in the Durango, with his bike safely following in the Fun Runner. These things are pretty neat: Functional, comfortable and fun. I've got to get out riding more often! Tom
  14. tmh

    TE Speedo Replaced for "3rd" time!

    Sorry, already sold it to someone else on this board a few months ago! Tom
  15. tmh

    TE Speedo Replaced for "3rd" time!

    I only replaced my OEM speedo one time, when the bike had 3 miles on it. Not because it was broken, but because I wanted something better than a bicycle unit on a dirt bike. I went with the TrailTech Lynx. About $100 and it was a great little unit which installed easily and never gave me a single issue. A friend got the Vapor, which is about $20 more. I would have gotten that one too, but I bought mine just before they released the Vapor. Would have been nice to have tach, and I think it does some temps too. The TrailTech is good, rugged, functional stuff. Highly recommended. Tom