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  1. bigredxr

    140 TKC on a XRL

    Would like to know if anyone has put a 140 TKC on the back of their XRL with success? Thanks in advance.
  2. bigredxr

    swapping the header from the 88

    Just trying to make the bike 100% correct. thanks for your reply.
  3. bigredxr

    swapping the header from the 88

    Do you still have the 88 muffler? and is it in good, useable condition? I could use one for my 88 rebuild if you are interested in getting rid of it.
  4. bigredxr

    XR650R - Collectors Bike - Cult Bike

    I went and bought a like new 01 xr650r as a backup to the one I already have just in case something bad was to happen. I would hate to be without an R.
  5. bigredxr

    edelbrock+xr650r= happy me :)

    I'd be truely suprised if edelbrock does not correct and improve your carb issues. best mod to date on my bike if not for the ease of starting the brp alone.
  6. bigredxr

    edelbrock+xr650r= happy me :)

    flea bay 379.99 free shipping.
  7. Installed my edelbrock on my 01 xr650r yesterday. HRC intake, stock header with white brothers e-2 disc exhaust, and side panel open. edelbrock set @ 12 clicks from full rich, pumper 1.5 turns out and @ 930ft elevation. Runs like a rapped ape. no more flat spots started 1st kick. I think this is as close to fuel injected bike as u can get. Best money spent thus far in my opinion
  8. bigredxr

    Merry Christmas......

    Merry Christmas everyone and may god bless you and your family!
  9. bigredxr

    throttle lock for xrl

    Thanks Martin.
  10. bigredxr

    throttle lock for xrl

    Anyone use a throttle lock on their xr? I would like to put one on my xrl, but I'm having trouble finding one. Would be no problem if my bike used bar end weights.
  11. If I'm reading the second law correctly u most certainly need to fight the ticket about the arrestor. Especially since u have a legal working spark arrestor. Doesn't say anything about a screen type arrestor. I have to believe that ranger Rick was trained to look for one thing when looking for spark arrestor and wouldn't know another working style if he tripped over it. Unfortunatly you're the chosen one to take time off work and teach him through the legal system. Don't know about the OHV as I don't live in Cali, but here in Michigan we need an ORV sticker to ride off road. I'm figuring that is the equivelent to your OHV sticker. Please correct if wrong on that account. Good luck in your endevour and remember to take lots of suppoting documentation to support your case.
  12. Do you know how the law on spark arrestors reads in your state? If states that u must have a screen type spark arrestor u may not have a leg to stand on. BTW I feel for ya that sounds a little nit picky to me!
  13. bigredxr

    88 before and after

    I have an 88 I'm going through right now and could use your exhaust and rear fender if u have any intrest in selling those parts? Does yours have the digital speedo assembly? BTW the bike looks great!
  14. bigredxr

    XR accessories, show 'em