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  1. well checked out the stator and the voltage was looking good at 60+. checked voltage at the battery and the charging system appears to be working at around 13.5v at idle, and went down with rpm as posted in noble's thread. think i will do the free power upgrade soon but it may be time for a battery?
  2. running through the system check on another thread. charging the battery now. did check the continuity on the stator and it has none, so a good start i guess.
  3. Just bought an '04 DR-Z E and on the first day of riding I find out the battery is draining. The headlight was going dim and wouldn't start. Got the bike push started and run until I was home. Pulled the Cover and checked the battery at 3.8v with the bike running. when I pulled the ground from the battery the bike shut off. Should this be if the two systems are separate, and do you have any ideas?