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  1. I disassembled my 450R head without marking which retainer is the exhaust and which is the intake. They are the same size and shape but two of them are darker than the others and they have different part numbers but no one can tell me the difference.I would really appreciate any help.
  2. I torqued them to spec from the inside out in a criss-cross pattern. Is it possible that the oil pump could be bad? The journals are barely scored and the cam will still turn,just not easily.Would it be possible to use a wheel cylinder hone for a car to get some clearance and re-check the valves. Will I be able to have it machined???If so where?
  3. I bought a 02 YZF250 that needed a head. I bought a good head from a friend with 03 cams and got the bike running first kick. I never really rode it because of the weather , and now it won't start. After checking all of the usual stuff I found that my intake cam is really hard to turn. Is there anyway to fix this without replacing the head? Maybe having it machined Line honed? Has anyone ever heard of this before, or know the cause?Thanks.
  4. Yeah I ran into that too. I spent about 30 minutes looking for two that were different, but they were all the same. Thanks again for the help.
  5. That was the problem I'm short one steel. Thanks for the help.
  6. I've got eight,but I'm ending up with two friction disks at the end? Do any two fibers go together? Or am I missing a steel?
  7. Stupid question, but how many friction disks are there for a 450? I bought the bike already tore down,ordered new clutch fibers and either have too many fibers or not enough steels. Any suggestions?
  8. I tried to revise the question but it didn't take. I need head specs
  9. does any one have torque specs for an 02 CRF450R
  10. Does anyone have head torque specs for 02 CRF450