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  1. hello all i am after a little info on weather you can fit a new 06 trip computer to an 04 wr250f as i am thinking about trying to get a new electronic speedo any help would be great
  2. lowlux


    i have a 04 wr250f aus spec and have also done all the free mods and have put a yz pipe on also i have problems when only using 1/4 throttle it pops and farts but when the revs are up in the high end it is ok will doing this fix the problem or will i have to get it rejeted also i am a little worryed about playing around with the tuning incase i do some damage i can't fix
  3. lowlux

    indicator for wr

    thank will try there
  4. lowlux

    indicator for wr

    hello all i have broken the factory indicator for my wr205f o4 module and was chasing some after market one that i could fit to it to keep it street legal and was wanting to know what everyone esle is using thanks peter