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  1. have used motorex powersynt 10/60 in my 04 te 250 from new no problems but 300 now roady
  2. sadly my te with 300 kit has got a leak as well just using a lot of coolant did a pressure test and seams to be leaking on to piston and out header will pull down shortly will head come off with motor in bike ? was dealer fitted has shut shop now !
  3. i run a 7602 cover on my 04 te works great looks great ;top stuff
  4. i had weak spark recently traced back a faulty kill switch shorting in side
  5. no slow parts but a lot of early snow riding snow on soft tires is over rated about 15 inches{ motor not getting hot running a bit dirty mid range when on transport}
  6. just done a high country ride five days in total on my te 310 04 had to top up coolant each day dropped 15-20 mm below rad tubes each time no visible sigh of leaks not making oil & not getting hot any ideas? head gasket may be
  7. nice job nice update looks sweet
  8. Australia

    Dude love the ridding around Gippsland , Turtens Creek, Hiawatha (i might have spelled them wrong)good trails around there. Glad to hear you didn't get burned up . i,am in yarram alberton sure got hot here but pine tree logging is wrecking those good tracks but still burning in woodside north area friends lost friends at king lake glad they one of the barsteds [arsonists]
  9. the name roady was given to me when i was 18 and it just stayed will me ever sinse. i use it on all sites i am a member of te 250 because i ride one the avatar was taken when riding in Victoria blue light ride 2006
  10. may well end in tears try try try to find it or it will end up :bonk:
  11. why not then roady
  12. got a photo tom sounds good but pipe guard would be better roady
  13. i to have had this problem on my 04 te 300 since changing back from auto clutch have put ktm o ring in but now seam to have a clutch drag problem not releasing have to start in neutral and blip throttle to brake clutch on tight single line tracks pain in back side may put auto back
  14. husky replaced my starter gear with 450 gear under warranty on my 04 te 250 nine teeth chipped off
  15. having just removed my recluse auto clutch i had for gotten what a snap stalling little thing my 04 te250 even with 300 kit it was fly wheel weight would help i thought it was me but is jetting or the nature of the bike auto should go back in when i can get some replacement parts [carby has all the mods ]