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  1. windaddiction

    removing neutral starter interlock?

    take a look, you should be able to see the switch, should be as simple as twisting th wires together
  2. windaddiction

    Deal or not Deal

    I traded my 04 WR450 for an 03 with all the basic stuff done to it.... and thats up here in Canada.... sounds liek a good bike but if you want it be agresive with the price.
  3. Hey guys just a small issue. On the right side of the case you have a small window for finding TDC, well I've noticed it weaps oil when the bike is running and oil is splahing up there. Is there an easy fix or don't worry about it?
  4. windaddiction

    Is the lc4 for me?

    just cuase I went from my WR450 to a 640 adventure I belive i can offer some insight. I switched due to the fact I ride 100 plus KM just to get to the dirt, and the maintence intervals are way less on the 640.... alough they do require more. I find the 640 to have as much power as the WR it is just heavier. However the suspension in the KTM's are awesome and offroad it makes the 640 no too bad to handle. So what is best for you.... i don't know. The 450 is and wesome woods weapon that you can drive on he road. The Adventure.... well like the name says it will be and adventure as you can cover large distances on road and trail. Cheers
  5. windaddiction

    690 Enduro or 690 SMC?

    I'd go with the enduro, The springs are most likely different and you would have a harsh off-road ride. With my WR when I went supermoto I just stiffened the suspenion.
  6. windaddiction

    WR 450 vs DRZ 400

    Been riding racing and Dual sporting my 2004 for for over 2 years now without a problem.... other than It's time for a new battery lol...
  7. windaddiction

    oil filter

    i get The Hi-flow filters from a local Kawi dealer for about 5 bux and get a liter of amsoil for 10$ I only change the filter every second oil change
  8. windaddiction

    Who s got the highest mileage WR?????

    2004 with aprox 12, 000km Valves still in factory spec! I need to ride harder I guess.... It is dual sported and I do do motard racing. Always used amsoil and filter changer every second oil change, running pump 91 woot
  9. windaddiction

    Stoppies on your WR450?

    bigger rotor caliper and a S/S braided line. I can do stoppies no prob with my motard set up but trying to do them with the stock rotor just deosnt work! ( BTW i think the stock brake off road is great just enoguh stopping power without having to worry too much about washing out your front end )
  10. windaddiction

    COPS hauled me over today :(

    i agree they look dump but keep the fuzz off my tail.... I recently sold my Honda VTR cuase sportsbikes get way too much attention... at least now when cops give chase i can always head inot the bush!
  11. windaddiction

    Two Stroke direct injection : 2-stroke comeback ?

    They have had these new 2 strokes in marine engines for a few years now.... I have heard very good things about them. I too love 2 smokes my sister has a 1996 dt200 yammi one fo the funnest lightest bikes ive ever ridden!
  12. windaddiction

    COPS hauled me over today :(

    Hey man sorry to hear that. Here's what i did . I got some basice turn signals that are about 3 inches wide. I moved them forward about 10 inches so the right one would not get burnt by the exhuast. You have to drill holes but oh well. They also won't be flat they will form a v but it doesnt look too bad. I'm out in BC and have had cops follow me all the time no prob! PM me if you want a pic
  13. windaddiction

    WR450 suggestions, looking to buy

    just got my 04 back from having valves checked..... still in spec and i flog this thing even lots of road miles on it woot woot!
  14. windaddiction

    post your wheelie pics

    not a wheelie pic but a short video of my ride today enjoy (yes i know I misspelled "riding" but w/e i was rushed)
  15. windaddiction

    05 wr450 big tank

    I have the 6.6 too great tank long range, and it protects the rads in falls. But that much gas is heavy, ushally I'm only half full max.