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  1. when I bought my 04 WR450 it had all the baffles removed from the exhaust, Ran great but was way to loud. I recently entered an off road race and was sound tested(they want 96db max). Mine tested at 112db:thumbsdn: , since this I have ordered the pro moto billet silencer (from the TT store). My question is this, I have read many articles on keeping our bikes quieter and many refer to muffler packing. When I look inside my muffler it is just a big open can with a spark arrester, no packing of any kind that I can see. Now is this something that was removed by the previous owner or should there be no packing. If there is supposed to be packing how do I go about repacking my muffler and am I missing any other parts?
  2. I searched and found a massive amount of info on the grey wire mod for my 04 wr450, but it seems like a lot of differing opinions on what/how to do it. From what I read the mod should only make a difference at mid to high rpm, am I correct in this? If I am correct whay do I see so many threads where people have put a switch in. If it does not affect low rpm performance why switch back on a tight technical trail, why not just keep it in lower rpm? Also does this mod make any difference in starting or idle quality? I did read one very technical thread(beyond my somewhat basic comprehension)that talked about idle after cutting the wire but again very differing oppinions on what it did to idle quality and if it was harder to start. Sorry for rehashing an already overdone topic but I just need to know what i'm getting into. Thanks Glen:ride:
  3. When I bought my bike (03 wr450) it came with the innards removed from the muffler. Great for power and throttle response terrible for noise. I am trying to decide between a new FMF Q2 or a Powercore TI with the quiet core insert. Any thoughts which would be a better pipe to use. I don't want to sacrifice power, especially low end but I can't live with the racket anymore. After a good long ride my ears ring all night long. Also many of our riding areas are relatively close to civilization so no point in pissing off the neighbors. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Glen:canada:
  4. I have two filters for my wr450, one twinair and one stock, I swap them out as needed to keep a VERY clean filter. Recently it has been to hot to ride around here (33 degrees plus) and my twinair filter has been sitting (cleaned but not oiled) on the bench in my shop. Apparently it has also been in an area where it gets some sun during the day also . Now one side of the filter appears to be bleached by the sun. Did the U.V. rays do any damage to the filters ability to do its job or is it strictly cosmetic. Glen
  5. glenw

    You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

    Nope what you currently hold is some suits idea of a great fix. . So far I have only lost mine once ($1.96 part) but what a pain in the to clean that oil off the back of the rad and the boot. My TT decomp plug will be on the way soon Glen
  6. glenw

    crf80 blackish plug

    I recently removed the spark plug from my sons crf80 and it seems quite black and sooty to me. The tip of the center electrode and the end of the side electrode are tan but the rest of the plug is pretty black. Does this seem normal or it running rich. If it is rich how would I go about correcting this , pics would help (yeah I'm a repair rookie) Thanks Glen
  7. Here's a tip from Canada. Find a 12 point socket that will slip over the knob(offhand can't remember the size) , put on a long extension and put it on a drill or air wrench and spin it back to zero. Works for me Glen
  8. glenw

    04 wr450 skidplate

    I tried searching to find this out but no luck. Maybe everybody but me knows this , but when installing an aftermarket skidplate on a 450 do you remove the stock engine guards or do you leave them in place? Thanks Glen
  9. I was just looking at the FMF website and found the Ti Powercore muffler but no mention of the optional quiet insert. Does this come with it or is it purchased separately as an accessory Glen
  10. Cool, Thanks guys. So not too many mods to do for free I guess.After I install the new pipe will I need to re-jet? Thanks Glen
  11. I have a stock 2004 wr450 (Canadian if it matters) and would like to replace the silencer with something that opens it up a bit but isn't super loud. Does anyone know the db rating of the stock 04 pipe for reference . I don't want to focus on top end or bottom end power, if possible I would like to improve it all over without making it hard to handle. Any recommendations on a pipe to use? Also will the other free mods listed here work on an 04? All input is appreciated. Glen
  12. glenw

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    I have been talking with the guy that owns the 1-800-got-junk franchise in Kamloops, and pending the city waiving dumping fees for him he will haul all for free . As soon as I can finalize a date to do so I will let you know but it will be a weekend for sure.
  13. glenw

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    Count me in on any weekend day or evening. Lack of media attention won't hurt me any (nor will a bit of hard work) . Also I can bring a trailer to haul crap away.
  14. glenw

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    What ever happened to all the talk about a cleanup at the B-vale pits area, Did everyone just give up and go away? I live in barnhartvale and sure would like to be able to hike, bike and 4 wheel without tripping over piles of garbage everywhere. Perhaps a call to the G.K.M.A. in town here would start things off on the right foot. They should know who to call for support and be able to provide advice on media coverage. Just my 2 cents Glen
  15. I did a search on this topic and found a ton of threads on how to drain the oil and remove the filter but nothing on refilling. When I called the dealership they said to fill it up in the dipstick tube in the frame, not into the crankcase. What a pain in the . Does this seem right? Will the oil drain down into the crankcase or what? Sorry if this seems stupid but it's been bothering me. Thanks Glen PS 2004 wr450f