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  1. edward weisenburger

    rear wheel screwup!

    I was wrong about the XR200s having a 17" rear wheel. Its an 18" so I guess I'm still looking for options.
  2. edward weisenburger

    rear wheel screwup!

    Thanks Dirtbkr188. That didnt occur to me because I assumed it would be to wide for the rim. The 100/100 is cheap enough to give it a go. I'll let you know how that works out.
  3. edward weisenburger

    rear wheel screwup!

    I thought that might be an option.. What i realy want is a cheap option..there are alot of xr200 rear wheel assemblys on ebay for $100 or less.
  4. edward weisenburger

    rear wheel screwup!

    I bought a modified crf150f for my wife. Im tring to bridge the gap between trail riding and the sugarsand paths we have in florida. The 150 has cr 80 suspension and a 185cc overbore kit. Fits her riding skills perfect. The problem is that the rear tire is worn down and the person I bought this from somehow put a 1.75X17" rear wheel on. try getting a good sugarsand knobby for this wheel set up. she loves the ride hight of this setup so I would like to keep the 17" rear. I have discovered that early xr200s use a 17" rear with a wider tire 100/100X17 Can I put this on her crf150f? does anyone know if it will be a direct swap? can i lace the crf hub into the xr wheel? any other options? she needs more traction in the rear
  5. edward weisenburger

    Help. I have no vin

    I bought a yz125 engine and would like to know what year it is. The dealer parts counter gal said I have to have a vin. I cant get the vin. There are numbers on the engine..It seems to me they must ID the engine some how. Does anyone know how I can find out what year this engine is?
  6. edward weisenburger

    YZ250F Front suspension

    I bought softer springs for my 06 yz250f because I only weigh 135 lbs. The parts guy at my local Yamaha dealer told me that it was an easy swap, doable without taking the forks off. Can someone tell me how to get the springs out., Will I loose any oil in the process? Thanks in advance guys.
  7. edward weisenburger

    spark trouble

    did anyones fix work? I have the same problem. No spark. What is the best way to diagnose no spark? replace parts untill you hit it? my dad says if you replace enough parts you can fix anything.
  8. edward weisenburger

    warrior woes

    no discoloration. engine starts quick and idles good.????????????&%$#@!
  9. edward weisenburger

    Yamaha warrior woes

    cant seem to get my 87 warrior atv to rev. gets to about 4000 rpm and then wont power any higher. could ther be a problem with the cdi box? how do you tell? all help would be greatly appreciated!