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  1. Hey everyone. Firts post here..maybe you can help. My G-Freind has an 06 crf250 with the boysen quickshot, twinair power flow kit and FMF power up kit. We swaped out the stock needle to the Dynojet needle that was provided (5th position) ran a 42 pilot and a 165 main and pilot screw 2 turns out. The bike was poping like crazy on decel so I put a 170 main in it. after our next test the popping wasn't there but would pop (a little one) when she hit some of the lager bumps. I was thinking maybe it was starving for fuel so I ran a 172 main jet needle in the sixed position. This made the bike absolutly terrible. back to the drawing board. I pulled the main jet again and put a 175 main and needle in the 5th position. The bike runs good but she wanted know something. When your hitting whoops is it normal for the bike to bog a little? She just came off a 2 stroke so the riding style is deffinately different, but really isnt used to the 4 stroke yet. Thanks for you help in advance