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  1. Get a 250 man then mod it up after you get use to your bike...then evey once in a while take out your dads 450 for fun...
  2. y put more oil in will just give you problems downt he road..i run mine a lil lean and i have had the same piston for 2 years..and never had to change a spark plug
  3. Honda

    im uasing it for a lil work but mostly play..ytou know trail riding..i wanted a dirtbike but the trails in new brunswick are always muddly.
  4. Honda

    i am thinking about getting a honda rincon 675cc....i was woundering if there is any problems they have and how much horse power do they have and whats their top speed... ne other infor about the honda would be aprecated
  5. i have a 2001 kx 100 its 32/1....5 gallons is 20 ounces of oil or..if your canadien like me...20 liters..600ml...remeber theses can vary on how your bike is jetted
  6. i dunno y how often do you gota drian coolant..
  7. What are KYb"s?
  8. the power ban is stronger today because the engine is worn in now..
  9. Hey i am looking to by a 2006 rmz 250..i was wounder what their tops speed is how the handling is and stuff like thAT...also what would i have to replace right away or get changed..thanks alot..
  10. alright thanks a lot man..ley me know hoow it is powe wise...
  11. Hey i was woundering the top speed of a stock and modded rmz 250 and 450...
  12. hey man i would get the honda 2006 cr250f... it had dual exhuast it would really be a nice started 4 stroke bike..
  13. Hey everyone, Um... I am a rider who is 5'6 and 125 lbs... last year i bought my first bike which was a 2001 kx 100 (2 stroke)... And after a month i was bored of the poers so now this year i was woundering if i would be fine on a 2006 rm-z 250.... cause they are a lot taller and heaver.. like it hard enuff to pull the kx 100 out of a sand dune when it gets stuck....and also i have a friend who is around 5'7 ish...and around 135lbs he got a 2004 rm 85 last year and i think the bigest jump he hit on it was like a 10 ft He said he wants to get a 2006 rm-z 450 i told him he was insain and couldnt handle the bike and he thinks he can and is all you think he can really handle a 450?