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    New to the board, few questions, bike updates.

    Thanks for not answering my thread questions. My exhaust is no louder than any aftermarket exhaust. If you don't think its any safer. Go as the three people i seen on the trails Sunday who told me they heard me coming from behind them........and the one who heard me approaching him. 1 extra second of advanced warning can save a head on and being hurt. Sound levels are the least of the reasons why we have fewer trails.
  2. 06450F

    backfire screen?

    Why not just take some tin snipps or dremel or whatever and just gut the screen out and leave the outside edge so you won't need to get a spacer???? Just my thoughts if it were to be done. I plan to leave mine in, the bike makes more power than i can deal with already.
  3. Glad to have finally found the board. Looks like a pretty comprehensive KX450 group. Anyhoot, little back ground. My new KX450F had the detent bolt problemo on ride number 2 awhile ago, before i knew of the on-going problem. Dealer repaired my bike in a few hours free of charge. My new bike has since been problem free. I change the oil every 3rd ride (about 120-150 miles). Ive been using Maxum(sp) oil and will next time time after my 4th change be going to the synthetic. Bike was doing the normal popping on decel pretty bad (im at sea level) and hard to start cold, and took long time to warm up (choke out forever). 1/3 turn out solved all problems. Very little popping now if its warmer than 50 and starts on one kick and 10-20 seconds of choke. What i have done to my bike: Not much. I ride sand (trails) so i raised my front end to 2mm of fork tube showing. Helped a lot. Front tire is crappy in sand i might add!!! Took the oem muffler apart and took the inner baffle sleeve and stripped it down to only one layer of only the tight screen, minus all the brass packing, but left all the fiberglass packing material. I did this with no intention of gaining any hp, but to actually make the bike LOUD. I trail ride and oddly prefer it loud for safety reasons and passing. People know im out there behind them or coming at them and lessening the odds of a head-on even a little bit are a plus. Also i added a little screen to the inside of the muffler for a spark arresting device and it works and has passed the DNR poking in my can. Okay now to my questions? Im 160lb(minus gear) and am having some issues with my suspension. ( I did read the sticky). Can you guys give me any sort of baseline set up that might help me out a bit. I race sportbikes and am good with suspension(on pavement) but am having a hell of a time with this dirbike (only 1 year rider). I ride trails, 50% or more sand, lots of tight stuff....and move along at a pretty good clip. Prob not an expert or true advanced rider, .....but i hold my own and clip along good, and am getting faster every ride. Currently i notice my forks are only using about 1/2 the travel. I understand I prob need different springs. But......and tips on what i can do with my OEM stuff to get me by for now. Ive done the spring rate calculations and im actually pretty close to the suggested stuff with my oem springs/f and r. Any suggestions that you guys use? Lastly i love the bike. Going from my tired 00 CR250 this thing is a rocket!