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  1. shift_450R

    some exhaust issues

    i just picked up and 04 yz250 and the only problems it had were that the exhaust was leaking. it has a full pro cicuit exhaust. it leaks from the head to the main pipe. he said theres a donut or a gasket that goes there that is missing from it. what would i need to get? and is there a clamp or anything i need for where the pipe meets the silencer? its loose. thanks
  2. Im going to be looking at buying a truck pretty soon here and i was just wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of a diesel truck over a gas? Thanks
  3. shift_450R

    Cracked rib?

    I was playing hockey today (I'm a goalie) and i took a slap shot to the ribs. Its swollen and its killin me. It hurts to breathe,cough,laugh or even change positions while sitting. Has any of you broke or cracked a rib? Does it sound like i have that? Whats a quick way of hurrying up the healing processes i want this to end quick because its killing me.
  4. shift_450R


    Ok, I've decided it is time for me to slim up. I'm tired of being like this. I'm 5'11 190. I'm not overly fat i just want to be slim and toned. I play hockey alot in the winter and i always drop 10-15 pounds but i really want to go down to about 165-170. I was just wondering if a dieting supplement with good reviews like hydroxycut to help tone down. When hockey hits its usually a 1 1/2 work out 4-5 nights a week so it helps alot in the exercise department. Has anyone used a weight loss supplement that really helped? Thanks
  5. shift_450R

    pics of your two stoke

    2000 yz125
  6. shift_450R


    the lip is about 6 feet tall and its 26ft long
  7. shift_450R


    heres my buddy mike on his cr125. hes only 14:worthy:
  8. shift_450R

    Jetting Help!!

    she runs perfect as it sits. a tad on the rich side but damn near perfect. no funny bogs or anything.
  9. shift_450R

    Jetting Help!!

    I ordered a pro circuit R-304 shorty for my 1999 yz125. I have no idea where to start with jetting it. Can someone give me a few accurate guesstimates where the main jet should be with the silencer installed and whatnot. thanks
  10. shift_450R

    white plastic blue tank?

    thanks alot dude, im deffinatly goin with white and blue tank now!!!!!!!
  11. shift_450R

    white plastic blue tank?

    yeah no doubt, but i just sold my 400EX and let me tell ya, the prices on bikes compared to quads is unreal. It would cost up to 600$ for front and rears to put on my quad. so 130$ aint that bad:ride:
  12. shift_450R

    white plastic blue tank?

    i seen a pic of what im looking for a while ago, i just cant overly remember if it looked as good as i thought it did.
  13. shift_450R

    YZ125 Questions

  14. shift_450R

    white plastic blue tank?

    Does anyone have a picture of a yz125/250 with all white plastics and the stock blue tank? Im looking to do this to my 125 but i dont know how itll look and to change the tank is pricey just for looks.
  15. shift_450R

    YZ125 Questions

    I just bought a 99 yz125 (mint shape, still has original tires) and was wonder some basic stuff. What kind of transmission oil do i use and how often do i change it? My buddy gave me 3 bottles of Honda HP2 two stroke mix and i was wondering if it will cause any problems.....i dont think it will but dont wanna screw anything up. After i run that oil im gonna use amzoil. I already bought a jug of Engine Ice after hearing multiple great reviews. Im going to pick it up friday....i cant freakin wait:ride: