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    Battery drain - solution?

    Yuasa manual states a 10ma load will discarge the bat to 50% in 42 days From the Yuasa manual The battery, starting out 100% charged, has a 30mA discharge rate from electrical accessories on the motorcycle. At an average outdoor temperature of 77°F a lead antimony battery loses about half its capacity in only 12 days due to the combination of self-discharge and current drain. In another 12 days, it’s completely dead. In other words, it doesn’t take long for the double whammy of self-discharge/accessory drain to knock out a battery for good. If current drain is measurable when the motorcycle is turned off, you can do one of two things: disconnect the battery when the vehicle is in storage, or charge the battery every two weeks to a full charge. However, cycling – or continually recharging the battery – will shorten its life. Check the battery’s condition with either a hydrometer or voltmeter (or a multimeter). The section on Testing a Battery has details. Short Trips: What if you use the vehicle now and then – a couple of times a week for errands, or even daily for a short trip to work? You can’t assume that occasional use or short trips (under 15 or 20 miles) will keep the battery charged. In fact, they’re probably going to add to drain, because the bike’s charging system doesn’t have enough time to make up for losses from normal starting and self-discharge. You’re going to have to charge the battery more often. Maybe every month or so, depending on temperature.
  2. Dom-DRZ

    Battery draining

    I have a 2001 DRZ-400S. The battery seems to die all the time. I have already bought 2 new batteries and I think I am going for a third. I think there is something odd about these batteries. No kick starter is crazy. Thank God you can jump start these bikes. I measure the current drain when the bike is off and it seemed fine (just a few milliamps). I am going to order a new bat (maybe a lead acid or something different (any suggestions?) I am also going to go through the trouble shooting steps and free power mod. (PS: Some batteries have a high self discharge rate could this be the issue?) Now that Kawasaki sells this bike have they changed the charging system or battery type?
  3. Dom-DRZ

    Red Hot exhaust pipe. DRZ400s

    Is the jet easy to clean?
  4. After a winter of 0 starts my 2001 DRZ400S will only run with the choke on. After a minute or two the exhaust pipe gets viably red hot. Do I have a clogged jet? Is there a simple fix? Thanks DS