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  1. I did just over 70h on the SX-F without troubles, mainly trail riding and XC racing. I use a fuel screen most of the time when I refuel to make sure there's no rubbish in the tank. Never had to adjust valves, great bike! Just ordered the 2012 XC-F since I want the wider ratio gearbox, it's in the shop and I will pick it up this or next weekend!
  2. Building something similar right now and putting a DRD Ti/Cf pipe on, used them before on CRFs and think power band is great with them and also good value for the $..
  3. I tried the EXC-F when it came out and in my view it's the perfect intermediate trail bike, very easy to ride thanks to the new clutch and power band is super smooth and quite mellow. I did some decent lap times on our practice course but it was a little bit boring. THe power band is too mellow and suspension is too soft so I went back to dealer and ordered the XC-F as it has the same motor as the SX-F which I had last year and really liked. With the wider ratio gear box I think it will be perfect, I'll get the bike mid Sep!
  4. Can I use my balanced and lightened X('05) crankshaft in my R('06) engine?Don't need the estart anyway since the R start on 1st or 2nd kick always..