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  1. gilberje

    WR400/426/450 Jetting Database

    Year:2000 Model (400 - 426 - 450):400 Cam Timing (WR/YZ):YZ Main jet:178 Pilot Jet:48 PAJ:75 Leak Jet: Starter Jet:65 Fuel screw (turns out):1 1/4 Needle Model/Clip position:stk needle, 3rd position Grey Wire Mod (Y/N):Y TPS Connected (Y/N):Y Airbox Snorkel/Lid (on or off):off AIS Removed (Y/N):N/A Airfilter Brand:UNI Exhaust Brand:stk with baffle removed Average Altitude:1000-4000 Average Temperature:50-70 Average Humidity: Degree of Satisfaction (0-10):9 Additional Mods/Comments:homemade power now. runs great, no bog, instant response, starts 1-2 kicks everytime
  2. gilberje

    WR400/426/450 Modification Database

    Model/Year: 2000 WR400 Engine: '03 450 auto-decomp exhaust cam, yz timing, uni air filter, air box modified, gray wire switch to change timing Carb: homemade power now Exhaust: FMF powerbomb, stk exhaust with baffle removed Fluids: all amsoil Suspension: stk, clickers set to terrian Chassis: Pro taper bars and grips, ASV levers Protection: Devol radiator guards, homemade heat shield for powerbomb, moose bark busters Tires/Wheels: stk rims and hubs, pirelli mt44 front, mt16 rear Driveline: sunline sprockets, 14/50, DID x-ring chain Electrical: trail-tech vapor Cosmetic: YZ tank, seat, and fenders Comments: runs great, reliable with plenty of power!
  3. gilberje

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    that was some sweet riding! it was a lot of fun with such a big group. we should hook up again for some more riding soon!!! after that last trail i realized my back tire is pretty much toast...what kind of tires are you guys running or recommend??
  4. gilberje

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    we'll be riding at diamond mill tomorrow. there are a few quad trails. check out the map at http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/TSF/ohv_trailmap.shtml. actually there are only 3 for quads...
  5. gilberje

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    diamond mill is a better place to ride than browns camp in my opinion...less people. i guess it also depends on what you like to ride. there are a lot of short trails right the staging area but you have to ride out to get the better trails.
  6. gilberje

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    sweet:applause: i've been riding there for a few years so im pretty familiar with the area. we'll have a '00 wr400 (mine) and cr250x and ktm300. either a ford ranger or a toyota 4runner will be showing up in. i think we'll be there be between 9 and 10 as well.
  7. gilberje

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Hey I see you guys are riding diamond mill on sunday. A couple friends and I are going to be heading up there....and were always looking for more people to ride with. What time you gonna be there and would you want some more people to ride with???