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  1. dirtridr

    Coolant overflow leak

    Okay, I'll try this next week when I'm back in town. Thanks for the advice so far guys!
  2. dirtridr

    Coolant overflow leak

    I haven't really taken it on a ride since it started to dump coolant. So you mean I should start the bike cold with the cap off and check for bubbling?
  3. dirtridr

    Coolant overflow leak

    Hey guys, so I recently moved from CA to OH and let the bike sit through a couple of winters. I don't know if the weather played a factor or not, but now when I start the bike and run it for a few minutes, white smoke seems to be coming from the exhaust pipe (not the muffler) and coolant dumps out the overflow hose. I tried swapping my radiator cap with my brothers and it still did the same thing. My question is, could it be the water pump seal? A clogged hose? What should I look at next?
  4. dirtridr

    Drinkwater Flatts

    Cool, thanks for the info! It's a mission but I want to head out there at least once or twice!
  5. I guess it's just want you get used to. Hopefully I'm a hybrid
  6. dirtridr

    Drinkwater Flatts

    Damn, yeah I'm up in the SCV too. And the red sticker is air quality related?! That's even dumber than the fire hazard! How many friggen cars do we have on the road? Give me a break. By "desert areas" your talking dove springs, jawbone, mojave, etc right?? HAHA
  7. Thanks for all the advice (and humor) guys! Wish me luck! I'll be riding I-5 mx on Fri!
  8. Thanks brotha's. I will keep this in mind! It is possible to go around the jump a few times right to look at it and whatnot?
  9. Hey guys! So I got an 05 YZ 250F and it's red sticker which means I can't ride the desert for a few months . I've taken it out 4 times and I already feel at home on the bike on the trails. I decided since I got a 250 now it's time to ride the track. Any tips for riding tracks vs. trails?
  10. dirtridr

    Drinkwater Flatts

    Bummer . The chances of causing a fire is so minimal but I'm not going to rant . Is there anywhere else to ride around Santa Clarita? I might go to a track for the first time in my life!
  11. dirtridr

    California Drinkwater Flatts

    So I've heard conflicting information as to weather we can ride drinkwater May 1 (today) with a red sticker.Anyone ride up there? It's in Canyon Country by Rhower.
  12. dirtridr

    For those living near Santa Clarita Valley

    Oh I know SCV is getting so crowded now. Cant even go to a nice resturant anymore because the waits too long.
  13. dirtridr

    Should I buy it?

    I dont know guys I was just looking at the 03 yz250f's on cycletrader.com and most of them are in the high 2,000 and low 3,000's.
  14. dirtridr

    Alot of pics from today

    I dont see any...
  15. dirtridr

    Should I buy it?

    Trails...I don't think I need to get any work done on the suspension...I'm a lightweight lol. Im more worried on how everything in the engine works.