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  1. BrokenSpokes

    Broken Engine

    Just an update, It seems that the lower connecting rod bearing let go. Sucks to be me.....
  2. BrokenSpokes

    Broken Engine

    Thanks for all the responces, and the thoughts. They are much appreciated!!
  3. BrokenSpokes

    Broken Engine

    I just freshened up my 03. New Athena BB piston, valve job, and went through the carb. (cleaned and o-ringed). Took the bike out to ride (easy), was putting around the staging area about 75 sec. and the engine locked up. Coolant out the right, oil out the left. Seems that the connecting rod let go, split the case across the front. I did a search, and did not find any similar situations. Does any one out there know of someone who has had this problem? Any ideas? The engine does not have anymore that 200 miles on it.
  4. BrokenSpokes

    CRF 450R Jetting Help, Please!!

    WOW what a difference Thank you for your help I guess I just figured, if I increase the bore size; I should increase the jet size. YOU THA MAN!!
  5. BrokenSpokes

    CRF 450R Jetting Help, Please!!

    I completely trust your honest opinion, Thank you. My old way of thinking.... More cyl.mm more fuel needed..? Or should I change my way of thinking......More cyl. mm plus better port flow equals a stronger vacuum signal at the main jet thus for pulling more fuel. Again THANK YOU for your time!! Your CRF is Bad @$$
  6. BrokenSpokes

    CRF 450R Jetting Help, Please!!

    Is my current settings anywhere close, by your experience?
  7. BrokenSpokes

    CRF 450R Jetting Help, Please!!

    It seems to fall over like it's lean. Thank you for your fast reply!!
  8. Hello all, I have been struggling with my CRF. I have a 03 CRF450R I just installed an Athena big bore kit, a Hot Cams stage 2 cam, Mid head porting, Kibble White valve train, CHM SM1 exhaust, and run Sonoco MO2X w/ethanol (112 octane leaded fuel). My question is, What would be a good starting point (needle and jet size). I normally ride at 1200-4500 ft. in northern Calif. I use the stock (Honda) oiled air filter, and Amsoil 10w-40 engine oil. My current carb. parts are: Main jet- 170 Slow jet- 45 Jet needle - OBELR Jet Needle clip position 3 Pilot opening 1 1/2 turns The machine just does not have the power it should. I checked the cam timing and I'm sure it is right on. I need help PLEASE Thanks for your time......
  9. BrokenSpokes

    Stripped cam cradle bolts

    Fixed it yesterday. 6mm heli-coils did the trick. Just be careful to center the drill. Thanks for the help
  10. BrokenSpokes

    Stripped cam cradle bolts

    Has anyone had any problems heli-coiling the cam cradle bolt holes where the alignment couplings (dowels) are? The holes on my 03 450R are gone. I just bought the bike and had the cyl. head overhauled, went to re-assemble and I found the problem. Any comments would help, THANK YOU
  11. BrokenSpokes

    NEW White brothers

    And such a beautiful piece!!
  12. BrokenSpokes

    Any riding around Sacramento?

    Argyle park, located outside Dixon on Highway 113 is open. This place gets very dusty. They have a MX track, flat track, and a kid's area.
  13. BrokenSpokes

    CHM Exhaust Suck!

    I have a SM-1 on my 03. I have never had any problems. Great people to talk to. Contact Information: Phone Number - (916) 944-8500 Fax Number - (916) 944-4187 Email - pipes@softhome.net National Sales Manager: Marc Dixon Director of R&D: Steve Slebodnick
  14. BrokenSpokes

    Cam Timing

    Has anyone out there ever played with cam timing? I have a Hot Cams stage 2 and was wondering if anyone found better performance from advancing or retarding the cam. Does running it straight at 0' give you the most. Any thoughts?
  15. Could the chart be targeting a different country of usage? I believe the Fuel we have here is full of oxydisers, and other "Clean Air" ingredients.