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  1. tsmay51

    Broken Bones!!!

    Broke my foot in 3 places when I was 13 from dirt biking. Broke 3 ribs racing cross country in 1995. Broke 2 ribs same right side just 3 months ago. Broke left collarbone in 2 places this past Saturday. Hard to type one handed. LOL
  2. tsmay51

    92 Kx250 Woods Weapon

    Fouling plugs could also be a jetting problem. Flywheel weights are wonderful for making the power delivery more controllable for trail riding. As far as the sprocket, you can go down one tooth on the front sprocket and that is equal to 2-3 teeth bigger on the rear. Sprocket is cheaper and don't need a new chain.
  3. tsmay51

    plastic for 95 kdx?

    I want to get some new plastic for my bike but I want something diff in color than green or black. That is all I can seem to find for this bike. Is there any other options for me? Also would like to change to a motocross style rear fender. Is there an option for that? Oh, and if you have any kdx pics to give me ideas about color or graphics please post them....
  4. tsmay51

    am i too big?

    If you are feel ok with the ergonomics of the bike then I say go for it. There is plenty of mods you can do to a bike to make it right for you. If you need more power or suspension then there are options.
  5. I have a 98 kdx 200 I need photoshopped. I do not have a program to do this with. I am fixin to buy new plastic for the bike and would like to get an idea what it would look like. The frame should be black. Both fenders, plates should be white. The tank and rad covers will stay kawasaki green. Any pic of a kdx or kx would be fine to use. Mainly just trying to get idea what it will look like.
  6. tsmay51

    TY250 fuel tank...

    My brother-in-law has a Yamaha TY250 trials bike. I believe it is a 1974 model but I am not positive. I know it is yellow and white if that means anything. He has had it since about 1978. It has been sitting around and we want to get it going. The tank on it has rusted out hough. Where can I find a tank for this bike? What is my options as far as original equipment or aftermarket stuff for this bike? I would like to go back original if possible but cost could be the deciding factor with this bike... Thanks...
  7. tsmay51

    seat foam a bit too firm...

    My bike is a 2005 model 450mxc. It has the 2006 tank, shrouds, and seat on it from the exc model now. I am confused looking at enduro engineering's website. I am leaning towards the tall firm seat. It says it will fit 2004-2006 models except the 450/525 mxc models. What's the deal with that?
  8. I just bought a 2005 KTM 450MXC. I love the bike but I am 40 yrs. old and just trail ride and race cross country occassionally. The seat is awful firm when riding after about 2 hours. I want some softer foam and change to a tall seat as I am 6'2" tall. There seems to be alot of differnt ways to achieve what I want but I am looking for some input as to which way to go.
  9. I have a buddy that just bought a new yz450f for trail riding. He likes the power of the bike but wants to do a few mods to make the bike a bit more friendly in the woods. Can the e start from a 2006 wr be put on his bike?
  10. I just bought a used 2005 KTM MXC 450. I have been away from bikes for about 3 yrs. The only bikes I have had in 10 yrs have been 2 strokes. Anything specific to KTM's or 4 strokes in general I need to know. Oh yeah... I bought the bike Wed. night and it has poured rain all weekend. I am dying to get this thing out and ride.