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  1. go to riverfrontmx.com. He kept everything the same except the spectator fee went up a buck, and I don't think the quads can ride with the bikes on sunday. scott also has stuff about the track on his site, I think its estreetmx.com.
  2. onall4


    Does anyone know when foresthill is going to be open? According to the ranger recording its just closed for the winter. It seems like winter is over to me.
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    to the top please
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    Has anyone been to stoneyford lately? snow? wet? Is the fire road open to the top of the montain? Taken the wife on this trip. Thanks for any info.
  5. onall4

    Any must do mods for the 700 Raptor

    Congrats on the 700. It has a computer so what ever you mod the computer has to moded first.Excuse my lanugage but, don't let all the jackasses tell to pull the air box lid off or, pull the baffle out. This only makes the computer pissed and will make the engine run lean. NOT GOOD FOR QUADS. Spend the money and do it right. Thats my opinon Its your quad do as you wish. I have a 700 I will mod it thats for sure but, its pretty dam fast stock.
  6. onall4

    06 700 raptor won't stay running

    the 60 dollar yamaha book on this quad seems to point to the throtle postioning sensor or the air presure sensor ( mass air like a car). Any help:excuseme:
  7. onall4

    06 700 raptor won't stay running

    I heard messing with the idle can screw with the ecu computer. Its not dual carbs its a fuel injected throtle body, just means I have to have a computer to work on the damm thing. ha ha. thank you for any info.
  8. It will idle for a bit then die but, runs good when given throtle. I changed the plug, cleaned the air filter, the throtle body, air box, and put fresh 91 gas in it. It runs better but still dies at a idle. If anyone has got some help for this I would be very thankful.
  9. onall4

    raptor 700 vs quadracer r450

    I have a 700 and have raced a 450zukie he pulls off the line I start to pull on him at the top of 4th. If I get the jump it pretty even til 4th. dont know how good of a rider he is.
  10. onall4

    Noob needs some advice!!!

    I don't know what kind of riding you are really going to do but anyway. I bought my first quad at the start of this year. I have gotten pretty good with it . I do mostly trails with it, and my riding buddy is a 2wheeler so I try like hell to keep up and yes I have done some single track side hilling. Recently I've gotten into mx at a local track (quad practice only) and do fair. Anyway what Iam trying to say is Ive done most of what you say you want to do and some that 4x4 quads wouldnt do. I bought a raptor 700, it pushes my fat ass pretty dam fast. The only thing I found that it dosnt like is snow. Well thats my opinon good luck with what ever you buy:ride:
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    thats even a better idea
  12. onall4

    raptor 700 problems

    congrats on the 700 i also have one the only problem was it got hot on me. i found out the fan was not pluged in. i had been riding all day and got into some snow before it happen. i also heard from a dealer that the fan was not working on another 700 and they had to replace the entire wiring harness. but other then that have fun.
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    the new atv sport mag has a big spread on all differnt kinds of bars the writer and some pros seem to all like the pro taper bar check it out.
  14. onall4

    Looking for YFZ450 factory shocks

    sweet those are the best kind of gifts, the shocks sound like a plan if i dont get some before then
  15. I need a pair of yfz450 factory front shocks for my 700 raptor thanks for any help.