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  1. Washington

  2. Washington

    Yes Bill Thanks great ride.... it was also nice to ride with a great group I had a great day thanks to all Gino
  3. Washington

    sounds great Russ
  4. Washington

    thanks Joe and Mud ducks I guess i will take advantage of all senior discounts that I can
  5. Washington

    Im planning to ride the sparkplug enduro but not sure what class to ride? Super Senior or Senior dose any one know age cut off for theses classes thanks
  6. Washington

    see you there Skens if it's just you and I perhaps we can start early pm me on time you can make it Gino
  7. Washington

    Dave Gino here are you in for thursday i am in
  8. Washington

    Chuck and Dave I am in as well will be at staging area at around 8:30 tHis is Gino
  9. Washington

    Joe waiting for my only friends
  10. Washington

    Russ Gino here let me know if you are planning to ride Mon, hope to hook up with you guys thanks
  11. Idaho

    that looks like a white knuckle ride
  12. Washington

    Russ sounds great to me
  13. Washington

    Joe thankyou for the information
  14. Washington

    thanks Joe I am in for next year
  15. little Jeff Gino Here I think I could go on Fri call me look forward to it