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  1. thanks for the very helpful advice thus far guys..... the quoted comment interested me...... is this from personal experience? Am I due to end my years in the 'mist' of 2 stroke...I have had 2T's since the 80's so maybe I'm little old for a life changing 4T is that it? cheers guys
  2. Hi guys, now don't flame or cuss me until you have read on. I'm looking to replace my 03 KDX-220R for something more serious in the way of enduros...I'm sure the KDX v WR has been done to death here but I have a variation I think? I'm really a 2T sort of guy so was thinking of going Gasser 200 or Pumkin 200 enduro, but have been pointed towards a possible deal on an 03 WRF250.... is the WRF a good enduro bike or very very very good trail bike? I know the KDX was designed when dinosaurs roamed the earth but I like the grunt of the 220R, the lightness and comfort element, and I hear tales of the WR being only slightly less painless to sit on after a 3 hour enduro than a sackful of nails? 03 WR250F's........ I know them to be great bikes but is the only slack point the possible gearbox gear problems or is that just web flannel for "someone's mate's sisters boyfriend, who they can't remember broke a bike and they think it was the gearbox"...you know what I mean? any help welcome