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  1. Foxman06

    Accelerator Pump Covers?

    i have an r&d on my 09, i can notice the crack on bottom end for sure
  2. Foxman06

    is it worth getting an 09'?

    i have an 09 and its one of the nicest 250f's out there. motor is super strong and after 100 hrs valves are still in spec. 09 was the year they completely redesigned the bike. if you can get a decent bike for the money id do it. after riding my buddys 08 ill never ride one again after riding my 09
  3. Foxman06

    Muddy at Millville

    Man that sure stinks that your graphics came off.
  4. Foxman06

    06 vs 07 CRF450R

    go for the 2006 and send the suspension out to be rebuilt. You wont be dissapointed
  5. Foxman06

    Best way to set up tires for ICE??

    i used 1/4 inch carbide tipped screws and just screw them into the knobs... make a V pattern
  6. Foxman06

    The REAL factory Honda CRF 450

    i would settle for a stock 08..
  7. Foxman06

    awesome "backyard" track...

    Yeah my friend has a track like that about about a 2:00 minute track in his couple acres. It rocks but we have hay bails on the side and it a little wider. My best time on it on a 08 crf450r with Fmf pipe is 2:12 IT ROCKS
  8. Foxman06

    Low rpm's in high gear hurtfull on bike?

    it doesnt hurt it at all, this is what you do to "seat" your rings when you rebuild your engine
  9. Foxman06

    What tells the spark plug to fire?

    have you ever heard someone say they are "adjusting the timing" well that is what that is... they are telling the spark plugs when to ignite
  10. Foxman06

    perfectly timed photos

    Always spot your landing
  11. Foxman06

    best jap. 250f?

    I dont know... Kawasaki and yamaha have had me hook, line and sinker for the past few years. This past year Suzuki's dediction on the R&D of their bikes have been bar-none. They were the first to put out a production 450 with fuel-injection for 08. Although they got most of this technology from the lt-r450. I know a lot of people say "stay away from fuel injection for the first coupe years". Well i say BS! They have had it going for awhile. But back to the 250f catagory. I am now a die-hard zooker fan. IMHO the rm-z's have the best handling of the bunch, and I know that many will vouge for this. They might not have the absolutely strongest motor of the bunch, but its nothing a little jetting and tweaking cant fix, right? All the bikes have around the same horsepower and torque. And I know someone later in this thread is gonna say well its not about power... its about the way the power is put to the ground... Well you can change the "Hit" with a different sprocket..Durr. If i were you, i would see if i could try all the bikes at the track or wherever you would noramlly ride them.. then decide from there But i would go with suzuki.. Good luck
  12. Foxman06

    2005 rm-z250

    Well i know Tons about bikes, i work as a mechanic at that shop, but i have never owned a bike. I have had 4 wheelers all my life... I just wanted to know it its a good motor for racing, and if it handled good?
  13. Foxman06

    2005 rm-z250

    cmon people!!
  14. Foxman06

    07 - 4.1 on a PC head pipe?

    Lol think about that one...
  15. Foxman06

    RMZ 250 mods

    the FMF pipes are great! 4.1's and the powercore4 are about the same, the powercores just a little quieter..