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  1. SuperMotoEastCoast Round #1
  2. smythe

    Swingarm axle plates?

    Can someone tell me the proper name for the 2 plates that are screwed into the inside of the swingarm on both sides? Does anyone know the material?
  3. smythe

    09 crf450 head breather hose

    Or dont fall over..... ...I may have an applied racing vent kit you can have...
  4. smythe

    Broken clutch plate

    day short dollar late -- I could of saved some chedda. Archiving for later use.
  5. smythe

    '04 CRF450R Rebuild - New crank is loose?

    tabs loctited and torqued to spec. The play was from the right side inner race no other explanation, went and bought another brand new bearing - almost the same about of play. Completed the rest of the motor and its tight as a drum.
  6. smythe

    '04 CRF450R Rebuild - New crank is loose?

    talking side to side -- (up down if I had to describe it would be just as you describe barely perceptible). I think my concern the movement is coming form the main bearing (right side) which is a new oem bearing. Great tip, couple bottles of tequila have now been added to parts list. Gonna have another set of experienced eyes look at this tomorrow, its probably just paranoia.
  7. smythe

    '04 CRF450R Rebuild - New crank is loose?

    Thanks -- I should of clarified what I was asking for followup on (Thanks though Shawn) -- Corndog once you tightened the primary gear did you still have 'some' play - like have .020in? Currently noticing about that much play with the primary gear nut torqued down. Glad it fired for you and you have the stoke! I am currently experiencing the opposite of stoke.
  8. smythe

    '04 CRF450R Rebuild - New crank is loose?

    curious how the OP made out? currently experiencing a near identical situation.
  9. smythe

    Auto Tune hook up question

  10. 1)Can someone confirm for me the right side crank seal direction -- Numbers IN toward crank (as per manual) or Numbers OUT. The original seal was installed numbers OUT - which is opposite of the manual. I have searched most if not all of the Oil migration threads. One of the most informative threads was stating the newer seal goes numbers in but that was on a 04 crf - not specifically for the 09. edit - I ended up going as per manual.
  11. Anyone have experience with one or both of these -- what makes one better than the other?
  12. smythe

    Where's Ron Hamp?

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/787598-tuf-performance-products-and-rhc/page__hl__tuf+performance+products+and+rhc+__fromsearch__1 that machine is pretty sweet.
  13. smythe

    Where's Ron Hamp?

    I believe he is recommending fastcore mods for that type of general work.
  14. smythe

    09 Cylinder head swap?//?

    09 + wont work, completely different motor. You could use up to 08 I believe.
  15. smythe

    which cam for my 09 crf450?

    not sure if its just me, but it looks like you dont list the cam seperately on the site.