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  1. I've got a set of wheels from my old 450exc and a buddy wants my ice setup. His bike is a 14' 350sx.... Thanks in advance Tim
  2. Bought a 14' 250f this spring and have a set of wheels with ice tires from my 05' that I sold to buy the new bike. My problem is the 14 has a 22mm front axle and the 05' has a 20mm axle. Other than the obvious of Dismounting the tire (pain in the ass) and re-lacing the wheel with the proper hub, any other ideas that may work I.e fitting different bearings to work with the larger diameter axle ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Gang, picked up a 12' 250f last summer and love the bike. My problem is that the throttle position sensor on that year is in a stupid place, its exposed just under the frame. Long story short, the plastic cover somehow broke off and exposed all of the electrical stuff inside. I removed the sensor, glued the plastic cover back in place and attempted to reinstall in the position I thought it was in. there is a tiny bit of adjustment on the bracket that allows for tuning. My problem is now that the bike will stumble occasionally at WOT. Does anyone know how to properly set the tps on these bikes? Thanks in advance Tim