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  1. The carb sucked in a bunch of sand due to a leak in the airboot gasket where it meets the airbox. The carb was disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. Bike runs perfect except now you need to flood it with the accelerator pump to start it when cold (because it will absolutely not start with the choke on). That's why I question as to whether or not there is supposed to be a brass ball in the passage shown above-could it have been blown out when being cleaned?
  2. I've got a new one, have not tried it yet. It is not possible that it has been drilled out, I'm the only owner or person that has ever worked on this bike.
  3. The bike runs perfectly once warmed up and the choke is off. The pilot circuit works fine and the bike responds appropriately to the fuel screw. No compressed air can be blown into the starter passage way with the plunger in. If you pull the choke the bike dies immediatly (at idle) as if it is sucking in raw fuel. It has the stock #68 starter jet. I don't get it?
  4. Yes, I replaced the entire choke assembly with a new one, it made absolutlely no difference.
  5. The choke on my KX250 stopped working, in fact if you pull the choke it instantly kills the bike. It is impossible to start hot or cold with the choke on. I disassembled the carb and it looks to me that a press in brass ball has fallen out of the passage connecting the starter jet with the choke circuit. Looking at the attached picture does anyone know if the hole shown with the arrow is supposed to be plugged? Anybody have a good fix if so?
  6. bajades

    Lighting Question-450EXC

    The stock KTM stator will pull an 80 watt bulb max. You have to change out the stock plastic reflector for a glass reflector that will accept an H4 bulb. Best current bulb choice is a zenon gas filled bulb like the Osram Silverstar 55/60 watt H4. Baja Designs has the glass reflectors.
  7. bajades

    04 250 with WR 450 gears

    Derek, glad you like the bike. I spent a fair amount of time getting dialed in so I'm glad you appreciate it. For the gearbox, I have the complete list of part #'s if you ever need it. The gears drop right in, the only modification required is to grind some clearance in the center case to provide clearance for first gear. Note that this same gearbox swap will work on your 2002 as well. Happy trails, Alan Roach Baja Designs
  8. bajades

    Baja Designs, an experience!

    Responses from Baja Designs management are below in red: The following post is not to throw mud at BD, but simply to show the frustration that a consumer can have with a niche business! Four months ago: Tried to order catalog from internet. Reply: catalog still being printed, will put you on the mailing list. Never received catalog. He is correct on this point. Our catalog is currently being redesigned. I apologize for the delay. I do want to point out that our catalog would not have helped him with what he was looking for. One month ago: Called BD, said I was a little confused about what I needed to do, and would like to schedule an appointment to bring in my bike for their advertised installation by on site technicians. BD: We don't schedule appointments, you have to just bring it in. Me: I live in Phoenix, and will be driving out to your place south of LA. BD: Yep, just bring it in and leave it. Me: How long will it take. BD: 1-3 days. Me: Hmmm, I can't really wait around in San Marcos for three days. We really discourage out of state customers from having us install our kits. Any competent motorcycle shop is able to install our kits. If an out of state customer DOES want us to install a kit, we ask for a 1 day notice and then they can feel free to drop off the motorcycle at their leisure. Yesterday: Flew to California, rented a car at Ontario airport, drove to BD in San Marcos. Conversation in store... Me: Explained what bike I had and what I wanted to do. Mentioned that I was having trouble with their website. Apparently, the site does not function completely with a Macintosh browser (which I used). Our store currently only supports Internet Explorer (we are working on this). The rest of our website is accessible from any browser. BD: Well, to do what you want to do, you'll have to order individual components. Me: Okay, let's do that. BD: You need to give me the exact part numbers of the components. Me: I don't know the numbers. I couldn't pull that up on your website. Do you have a catalog here? BD: No, it's still in print. Me: Well, if I bought a whole kit would you discount me for items I don't want in it. In other words, can I buy a partial kit? BD: No, complete kits only. The above is essentially the true gist of what happened. However, the rest of the facts will help you determine your opinion of the transaction. He asked to buy a Dual Sport Kit for his XR600 without a headlight, taillight or turn signals. We do not have such a kit, nor do we have the manpower to support customers that want to build their own kit. The salesperson should have offered to take his request to the tech support department. They could custom build a kit for him at our standard tech support rate of $80/hr. We sell thousands of kits per year and we try to offer a comprehensive product line to meet our customers’ needs. We unfortunately cannot be all things to all people. I understand that our kits are not inexpensive, but they are built to make installation and maintenance easy for the customer. Me: OK, I'll take a complete kit. BD: We're out of stock on kits, but we can take your order and mail you one when they arrive. We were out of one of the parts that was necessary for that kit. We offered to ship it to him freight free. Me: I'll get back to you. Drove back to Ontario airport, flew home. (Actually, I had some other business to do in California as well, but definitely didn't need to drive to San Marcos!) Glad I didn't bring my bike in for on site installation without apppointment. In other threads, he states that we are essentially a small office in a strip mall with 2 guys on headsets. We have a freestanding building with over 15,000 sq ft which includes office space, assembly space, service center/R&D, machine shop and warehouse. Our showroom has pictures and product display, but the bikes are in the service/R & D area. A look today of vehicles in the building includes 9 bikes, 2 quads, 1 Rhino and 1 pre-runner. Another customer states that he misses our service center. Thank you for that. We did have a complete service center for a time, but determined that it was not profitable and did not serve the majority of our customers. We decided that our resources were better utilized elsewhere. We still have a service center that installs our product on any vehicle. This includes installation of Dual Sport Kits, race lighting, and electrical installations on motorcycles, quads, UTVs and cars. A couple of posters noted some email problems. There is no excuse for this! If you did not get your email answered, please forward a copy to deanne@bajadesigns.com or Alan@bajadesigns.com so that we can research it and find out what the problem is. Our company strives to give excellent customer service. If anyone feels that they are not being treated correctly, please feel free to ask for Alan or Deanne (or another supervisor).
  9. bajades

    RE: Baja Designs, is it JUNK????

    Hey guys just wanted to chime in with my .02. We appreciate feedback from customers to make our product better and give you what you want. I have way over 100,000 off-road and race miles testing our products, and yes, we can always improve, but we make the best effort to give you what you want in a dual sport kit, race lighting, or other products. You are always walking that fine line between what is too expensive, or too big and heavy, or impractical for the customer to install. For example, that Ballards license plate support that a couple of your referred to is cool, and no doubt durable, but for $118 it had better be. We no longer use the aluminum license mount in the WR kits because hard riders will eventually destroy it. We now give you an entire YZ fender and a very bright and durable LED taillight, something no one else’s dual sport kit even offers. Switches: We are on our fifth iteration of dual sport kit switches. It’s hard to get a street bike part to live on a dirt bike. Face it; a dirt bike is a tough place for electrical parts to live. There are no “sealed” turn signal/horn/high low beam switches. If you don’t maintain it occasionally (especially if you ride in a muddy/wet environment), it will eventually fail. I think our switch is the best one out there, yes our old one was less durable, but it was nice and small, so there was a trade off. We did get a batch of the new switches that had a bad solder joint in about 3% of the units, we have warranted every one of those for people who needed one. Horns: Good luck with this one. Horns are a vibrating device that when the get packed with dirt or corrode from water they no longer work. We have tried all kinds and they will all eventually fail. We tried piezo horns for a while but everyone complained they were not loud enough and made the bike sound like a truck backing up. We buy $50 Hella horns for the race car and typically they only last one race! Our horns are $8.00; replace it once a year if you really care. Stock WR Yamaha electrical systems were never designed to run anything but a headlight and taillight, and on AC besides. The new WR’s have only 25 watts charging the battery, and are the only off-road bike that if the battery fails, the bike won’t run. There is no exciter coil on the new WR’s, the ignition runs DC off the battery. My point is that some bikes are better suited for dual sport kits than others, but wouldn’t you rather ride a WR than some big heavy factory dual sport anyway. Factory dual sport bikes are heavy partly because they need a robust battery, charging system, relays, switches and lighting. Most of us would rather replace a .5-pound battery every year than have to lug around a 6-pound monster even though the monster would be more reliable. OK, we have sold probably 10 times as many dual sport kits as anyone out there. Some people are always going to have problems with them no matter how we make them, especially when they aren’t maintained. Our kits these days have very few wires for people to plug in and are as light and rugged as possible. We are on your side, we want to make the best dual sport kit possible without breaking the bank, but we also have to keep our distributors, and dealers happy and still put food on our table. We appreciate your feedback and want you to enjoy riding your dirt bike as much as we do. Please call us with your problems/concerns/suggestions for improvement. We really do take these into account when making changes and releasing new kits and we want your existing kit to work right. We still take troubleshooting calls for kits we sold in 1993! Our techs, Ben and Dan, are great when you need an electrical question or problem solved. Happy trails, Alan Roach Baja Designs
  10. Bobby, it is unfortunate that your wife has had to wait for so long for her dual sport kit. All XR 250.400,and 600 dual sport kits we produce have been unable to ship due to our inability to get the taillight needed for this kit from the vendor (large plastic manufacturer that will remain nameless). These taillights have been on order for 3-1/2 months, but the Italians can be very slow and inconsistent regarding delivery times. They have continually promised us product and then for one reason or another have not delivered. The result of our getting jacked around by our vendor is that the customer is then given delivery times based on the best information we have from the vendor and feels jacked around as well. We apologize for this situation but it is beyond our control. As an option, there is a moto style fender available for the XR's that allows you to use our much brighter and more durable LED taillight. It will cost a little bit more because you have to purchase the fender, but for some it is worth it. As a side note, the taillight manufacturer promises to be air shipping a partial shipment of 200 taillights to be delivered Monday. We'll see... Thanks, Alan Roach Baja Designs Inc.
  11. bajades

    no more dual sported bikes???????????

    This change to DMV policy is real and affects everyone who wishes to convert a green-stickered off-highway motorcycle to a street or dual registration. No new laws have been passed, but rather, CARB directed the DMV to issue a memo (VR 2003-24) to all of their offices, barring any conversions from off-road registration to street legal unless the vehicle has been emission certified for the street and carries a federal emission label documenting this. It encompasses all motorcycles 50 cc or greater manufactured since 1978. Naturally, no off-highway motorcycle has this certification. This is apparently a new interpretation of existing regulations, not a new regulation. This, however flies in the face of their previously released policy of allowing dual registration for green-stickered motorcycles. CARB has the authority to make this change, however, changes in policy are supposed to be open to public review prior to a change being made. CARB may have the right to make this change, but they also have a responsibility to make the public aware of changes that affect businesses and consumers and give them time to respond or adapt to the change. Hundreds of people in California have recently purchased green sticker bikes with the express intent of using them for dual sport. Now they are left out in the cold having spent six to eight thousand dollars on a bike they cannot use for a purpose that California allowed only a few days ago. The irony of all this is that currently, new green sticker off-highway bikes in California meet an hydrocarbon emission standard that is more strict than the federal emission standard for “street” bikes! If you care about the future of dual sporting in California, please contact the legislative office of CARB (916) 322-2896 and politely let them know how this “change in policy” affects you, and that they have a responsibility to make the public aware of any changes that have a negative financial impact. Baja Designs has been working with the offices of Senator Bill Morrow and Assemblyman Mark Wyland. Industry lobbying groups are also working on this issue, but we suggest you contact your local elected representatives to let them know how you feel. You can use the following link to find your local representatives and their contact information: www.leginfo.ca.gov Also, you can go to the Baja Designs web site www.bajadesigns.com to get further updates or to send a letter. Thanks, Alan Roach Baja Designs
  12. yes, you can run the electric vest on AC just as well as DC. Electric vest vary from 45 to 75 watt draws, so the wound TTR stator should be able to handle the load without a problem.
  13. bajades

    WR450F's unaccounted for, post here.

    Yamaha is having its press intro today (Friday January 17) for the WR 450. The major magazines will be getting WR's for testing and a few selected WR's will be distributed to various industry interests. I imagine US dealers will not see production WR 450's for another few weeks.
  14. bajades

    Lighting for XR400

    You can't expect much from a 35 watt headlight. However, your headlight will accomodate a 100 watt bulb for a dramatic improvement in lighting. Rewinding your stator is required to be able to drive the existing lighting load, unfortunately. Please be aware that rewinding the stator only affects the lighting coils, the exciter coils (the ones that run your ignition) are untouched in a stator rewind to improve lighting output.
  15. bajades

    Best WR headlight bulb replacement

    The PIAA 80/80's are available from Baja Designs. Life expectancy is 250 to 350 hours. No heat problems with the OEM Yamaha lens.