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  1. CISCO

    Foresthill conditions

    6" to 2 feet of snow on Sugar Pine, closed for the winter.
  2. Bob, if that pleases you, it can be arranged. Fester your a frickin sicko.
  3. CISCO

    WFO Enduro - AWESOME

    DP, glad you had fun! Call me or email, we need to ride soon! Got some more stuff I want to show you around these parts.
  4. CISCO

    YZ250 Too Fast for me/tight woods

    Either a YZ or newer WR 250F would suit you well. The WR would take a bit of work but is Sweet in the woods.
  5. CISCO

    Loop 6 challenge?

    Ill do it. Name the day. Id love to ride some technical slab trail. Havent been on the Rubicon since 2003. I have been in a riding funk anyway. Bored with the same old crap. A good slow speed goat rock challange is what I need. Competition? Ok...but about 1/2 way thru your going to realize that winning will mean you make it in one piece! Will it be cheating to ride a trials bike??? Ill do it on the YZ...but that means I have to buy a pipe guard.
  6. Well cool, I figured I was a minority but I guess not. I dont want to sell it one bit, but I need to pay off some debt to stay ahead. Trick bikes can be rebuilt again. Thats half the fun anyway. Thanks for the input.
  7. Just poking around, looking to see how many would really jump on one modded like this for sale? Mine has a nicely modded engine and a WR tranny among a zillion other hop ups. Thinking of selling for $$ reasons...again, (I keep finding options but the $$ thing keeps popping up) Not sure how the market is for a "WR250" 2 stroke. I know I love it. Im a certified Yamaha tech and all work was done right, but I wont firesale it with all this work done to it. I cant afford to let it go for nothing. I have not seen any others for sale with these mods. I may post it and see what I get, but Im hoping to get some response here to get an idea of whos looking for what.
  8. CISCO

    Foresthill fire

    Linky to Latest report, and photo of Foresthill fire. http://www.auburnjournal.com/detail/88293.html
  9. CISCO

    Foresthill fire

    The fire referred to by the media as the "Foresthill" fire on Saturday is on the southern bank of the North Fork canyon somewhere about the Mumford Bar area. This puts it well east of Sugar Pine OHV, is on the Foresthill divide side of the north fork canyon. It is burning some gorgeous old growth forest that Ive ridden and hunted many times. It started from fallout blowing accros canyon from an existing lightning strike fire near the Texas hill area. This is the best info I can come up with. The fire stared Early AM Saturday from what I can gather. If someone has more accurate info chime in. Rain? Please?
  10. New rings at 30 hours, New piston and rings at 60 hours, new rings again at 90 hours, new lower rod bearing, crank bearings and trans bearings and most likely a new or replated cyclinder (if needed, you should mic the jug on each top end service) at 120 hours. This is for a an amatuer level raced motor.
  11. CISCO

    Forrest Hill on Friday 6/27?

    Enjoy the smoke, you cant see more than 200 feet at times.
  12. CISCO

    IMS vs. Clark tank??

    I can race moto with the Clarke and still plant my nuts over the tank. The IMS I can too, but it seems fat to me. I vote Clarke for the YZ250 aplication. I dont like the clarke on all bikes, just this one.
  13. CISCO

    115 Miles of Pinenuts w/pics

    Yep it sucks stay away. No good riding there. All fire road, no single track for you forest primadonna's
  14. CISCO

    Foresthill 5-31 ride pics

    I may have passed you Bob, but I didnt know it was you. You were on 5 at the fire road crossing (I was on the fire road) that connects Elliot Ranch with loop 7. I was hurting a bit and taking the short route back (I played human lawn darts that day). Dirt was great wasnt it?