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  1. repsol 4t 10w40 $7 a litre lite blue bottle at suzuki dealer or mobile 1 10w40 black bottle $10 at napa. Change every 2-3 rides. Why use cheap oil, its cheaper than a motor job.
  2. Sweet pics mine come out all blurry
  3. Bubba is the man. He makes RC look like a kid on a crf50
  4. Cool Ive only seen this posted like 10 times on here
  5. Holy crap did it hurt landing in all that crap?
  6. Thanks for posting never saw before. Sweet!!!!!
  7. Sweet pics,
  8. Sweet track!!!!! What kind of equipment did you use to build it?
  9. I bought an 01 yz 250f had the same problem. Switched my oil to repsol synthetic 10w40 and road it hard, No more clutch grab or shifting problems. Clutch grabs really strong under load. Hope this helps your problem, by the way i change my oil every 3-4 rides.
  10. Dont put in tank this could be disasterous to you and your bike. Ask a chemistry major what happens to dry ice in liquid it builds extreme pressures.
  11. Dont start bike!!! Pull filter screen cover off and remove screen, pull plug wire off so bike wont start, pull in on decompression lever and kick over several times. If oil comes out pump is fine and probably have screen in wrong or clog after screen in passage to top end.
  12. Do you have an exhaust leak. A small leak near the head will cause a lot of popping noise on deceleration. any leak before the silencer/muffler will cause some popping. Check out before messing with jetting.
  13. password doesnt work, oh well, would like to see video
  14. I have an 01 yz250f and run 13 psi in front tire and 11 psi in rear tire when dry out, and 8 front and 6 rear when muddy with new dunlop tires. play with pressures and youl find some youll like.