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  1. ScottRNelson

    Speedo cover

    This is what I was thinking and this is what I intended to do to fix mine, but I got a deal on a full speedometer that was still clear, so did that instead. This is what the new and old ones looked like when I made the swap: I ended up sending the old one to somebody else on this forum who had some sort of plans for it.
  2. The side panel mounting points are part of the frame, that isn't going to change with a battery relocation. It just means that you'll have one panel that sticks out that has a big gap under it. The other side has a pipe under it, so needs to stay that way.
  3. ScottRNelson

    Xr650l for 300lbs rider. Suspension worries?

    I'll send you something on Monday. We can take this part off line.
  4. ScottRNelson

    Xr650l for 300lbs rider. Suspension worries?

    I had Steve in San Francisco (mcma1111) rebuild the whole engine for me and it's whatever he had sitting around ready to go in an engine. He had a crank, rod, piston, and bored cylinder ready to go and somebody else ended up with mine after he had time to work it over. It's a 675cc engine now with 10.5:1 compression. As for the pipe, I have a White Bros. pipe, which they don't even make anymore. It works well, sounds good, and is plenty loud when you open the throttle, especially with the higher compression piston. It had better power than the SuperTrapp that I tried for a while. I was thinking of getting a quieter pipe for my bike. I'll be happy to make you a deal on mine, which I just recently repacked, if you're interested.
  5. ScottRNelson

    Xr650l for 300lbs rider. Suspension worries?

    Pipe and airbox together give you a few horsepower. A high compression piston gives you more horsepower everywhere and probably makes the biggest difference. That's as far as I've gone with mine and I'm happy with the power that it produces. I feel that the throttle response with the stock carburetor is good enough, so I haven't pursued a pumper carburetor.
  6. I like the seat covers from Guts Racing: https://www.gutsracing.com/XR600R_XR650L_Competition_Style_Seat_Cover_p/csxr307.htm They have more choices that on the above link. You just need the right kind of stapler to install one. I had a local upholstery shop do mine last time (nearly 10 years ago). I'm about due to get a new cover and foam for my seat. I'm tempted to get the taller seat for mine but haven't actually decided on that yet.
  7. ScottRNelson

    Tail light license plate holder replacement

    I'm curious how long that would hold up stuck to the back of an XR650L that is ridden hard on rocky trails.
  8. ScottRNelson

    Tail light license plate holder replacement

    Idaho plates are truly wimpy. California plates are about twice as strong and embossed for even more strength. Here they're a flat piece of metal that has been painted three colors. But I now have the letter sequences that I want and reinforcement behind each of them, so they'll do.
  9. ScottRNelson

    Service manual

    Download the one here: https://4strokes.com/viewtopic.php?t=17
  10. ScottRNelson

    Tail light license plate holder replacement

    And if you had made something to bolt the license plate to, like I have on my bikes, it wouldn't be all bent up like that. I've had more than one license plate, that was only held on by two bolts at the top, crack across the top so that I HAD to make something to hold it on. Now I fix the problem before it happens. It's a real downer to return from a great ride in the dirt and find that you only have the top half inch of your plate still there.
  11. ScottRNelson

    Whats the value of my 1 owner 83 XL600R

    That bike is much cleaner than my XR650L, but I ride in the dirt quite a bit, trying to get it dirty. Don't bother including any unrelated thing like the jack when you go to sell it. Sell that separately. Don't even include it in photos of the bike. If including it can make the difference for an interested buyer, you might include it, but extra unrelated stuff like that has never been a plus when I've been looking at motorcycles to buy. The same goes with helmets and riding gear.
  12. ScottRNelson

    Carb Sticky

    Your post is a bit too generic to get a reasonable response. If you can get the carburetor out and back in, can hook all of the tubes up properly, and can put in the Keihin jets recommended in the "Dave's Mod" article, you should be good. Link: https://4strokes.com/viewtopic.php?t=2 There isn't much to do for elevation changes. My jetting works well from sea level to at least 6000 feet. I recently moved from an altitude of 350 feet to 2600 feet and didn't bother changing anything. And the bike still runs great. A video about carb tuning would be totally boring. And you would be unlikely to learn much useful from it anyway. You'll have to actually read about what to do and the link above has a lot of very good photos of all that you need to know. Do the best you can, then if you run into a problem, come back here explaining exactly what you're having an issue with and you'll get good help. But I expect that you should be able to do everything you need with the hints that you already have.
  13. ScottRNelson

    Tail light license plate holder replacement

    I found an integrated tail/brake/license plate light with license plate area that mounts under the fender. I fabricated my own license plate holder from aluminum that includes a place for a rear red reflector in case the tail light ever goes out at night. I made sure that it shines a white light on the license plate, because I don't want a LEO to think I'm trying to break any laws. (Maybe they'll cut me some slack on it not being DOT approved.) That's also why the license plate is not sideways. With the extra aluminum plate behind the license plate, it's well protected from damage. Interestingly, just yesterday I made something similar for my new KTM, which doesn't come with a proper way to mount a license plate. Here's a photo of the setup and the old plates I had in California - neither of which were available here in Idaho.
  14. ScottRNelson

    XR650L hard start

    By the way, I have a spare starter motor that I used until I could get mine rebuilt, that I'll make available at a reasonable price if needed.
  15. ScottRNelson

    XR650L hard start

    You've already done everything that I was going to suggest. When I had my engine rebuilt with a 10.5:1 compression piston, it was hard to get it through the first compression stroke. I rebuilt the starter and got a new Yuasa AGM battery and I rarely notice anything like that anymore. One trick that I've heard of is to rotate the engine backward by rolling the bike back while in gear until you're up against the compression stroke in reverse, which is the position on the downward power stroke when running forward. That gives the starter the momentum of one and a half revolutions before compression. Is the decompression hardware working correctly on your engine?