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  1. Anyone know were i can watch some cool bike vids online?
  2. its that bad? i mean how much wire can a dirtbike have there isnt much electronics..
  3. yea but im never gonna use the lights....the battery on the other gonna need for e-start. but is there a plug at the battery? or is it hardwired?
  4. yes YZ front plate and maier rear fender. I will get pics later...the maier fender hasnt came in yet though...and i yea i did want to go for less weight.
  5. I got rid of my lights and put mx plate and rear fender. But can i just follow the wiring harness to were ever it goes and just take it off? I know i can just unplugg the light and leave it there. But im never going to have a light so i mise well just take it off. Anyone knoe what i have to do?
  6. im about 145 and it pulls me around like a rag doll lol
  7. bump anyone got any ideas?
  8. I got the MX rear fender for my 250 but i want to complete the mx looks with a number plate instead of the headlight since its never going to be used at night or on the road. Is there anyplace that sells one?¿