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  1. whenever i begin to run my bike i hear a grindin noise.i mean whenever i i'm startin to leave the clutch lever.what's wrong??is it insufficient transmission oil???i have put 700cc and more in there...or sth to be replaced???
  2. hey crf-f,i tensioned the cam chain the way you told...i hope it's right and nothing will happen!!it was tight though before i re-adjust it...the tapping didn't go away and i think it's the valves because comes from that area..the mechanic had told me that they would need to be replaced after some time. what should i do to check if everything is done right??run the bike and then tension the cam chain again??
  3. matt15

    2008 Crf450r

    propably every year the machining changes....my 03 header sure looks ti.it's not that blue though as the 08.
  4. matt15

    2008 Crf450r

    i own a 03 and it has a ti header.and in fact all crfs ever made have ti headers.
  5. i hear a noise when the bike is in neutral gear and it dissapears when it''s geared...is this the mcct??i'm adjusting it no matter what..
  6. so why in the definition of the mcct it says that it's required periodic adjustment to maintain proper tension as the cam chain wears.
  7. Once installing the mcct,will it be in spec forever???i mean,i don't want to mess with this if i don't have too...
  8. matt15

    How much trans oil(450x)

    you mean about a 1L???so much oil??why honda suggests about 600 ml??
  9. well,i guess that i have to back it in and do this procedure again in case the previous owner hasn't done this right.thanx for the information!!
  10. ericz,i'm feelin you!!i was ready to post a question about the cam tensioner...i bought a 03 crf that has one installed and i don't know how to adjust it.what is the procedure that i should do to see if everything is ok???
  11. matt15

    crf 450 beringer kit...

    i have found a beringer brake kit for my 03' supermoto...the guy says that it was on an 06 crf..does anyone knows if it fits mine???well,the master cylinder fits of course and i think the rotor too...what about the caliper??i think that there is different mounting between 03 and 06.if so,i think i will need a caliper relocator.because the beringer caliper normally fits right on the fork... Sooo,is there an aftermarket relocator anywhere on market or should i build my own???
  12. matt15

    crf beringer kit..

    the beringer rotors are 310mm i think.ok....but if the coverage is not good i should get a bracket.that's what i'm sayin....where will i find it??should i build myself???