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  1. clutchburner

    finaly/ more go 4 free

    thanks 4 your help but the bike has maby 20 hours on it and about 5 of those were from my recent use.
  2. clutchburner

    finaly/ more go 4 free

    i have been looking 4 more power from my crf230 4 a while and it wasnt looking good until i asked my dad 4 advice. he said i had outgrown my crf230. he told me to try his 87xr250. it is great but i need to know what i can do to it 4 free to make it accelerate harder and faster. also the front brakes are very spungy and will not lock up if they had to. i have installed new pads and proprely changeed brake fluid several times and they remain the same=not good. the only thing i can think to do now is get another brake line=50+bucks. is this the problem or not. thanks in advance.
  3. clutchburner


    make shour you dont leave it like that becous mine did the same thing and made a 2mm deep scratch in my swing arm.
  4. clutchburner

    making XR500 street legal in Oklahoma

    i rode an xr 500 1 time and those things are beasts to ride. check baja designs 4 a kit to make it street legal check xrsonly.com and it is under the dualsport cataglory
  5. clutchburner

    xr400 ????? maby xr250

    i will be getting a new bike soon and i am learning the hard way about tryiing to decide wich one .a xr 250 or xr400 would work nicely 4 me i do believe.i currently have a crf230 and am very comfortable in pushing it to the limit. it is no longer as much fun as it used to be. i am 6ft+ and 160lbs,and i dont think i am done growing. i dont want to get bored with the next bike i get. this will probably be my last bike 4 a while so i need to know what i need to get.i will probably race somtime soon at a harescramble and most likely in the unlimited class. pleas tell me either xr 250 or xr400. this bike will be used mostly 4 the woods single track riding and some hill climbing. thanks in advance