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  1. looking at those just makes me shiver haha
  2. i like your bike...
  3. use dirt next time..
  4. dont like 90% of the freestyle riders ride cr 250 hondas? looks like hondas gonna loose their business....
  5. im gonna miss the pinging sound of 85's....
  6. its bigger than my sisters car
  7. I've had some close calls like that....never have actually gone over tho..knock on wood.
  8. Lets just see some action pics
  9. isnt nitrous a little haness on a dirtbike? a drz 125 at that?
  10. What are you talking about?
  11. Any pictures?
  12. Whats up with the broke back wrestling at the end? sorry couldnt help it.
  13. Im just wondering, but why are you riding a drz125 when you have a rm85? Just a question..