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  1. lakecntyrider

    Tail pack suggestions?

    Highly recommend the Giant Loop Mojavi. Very well made and just enough room. I've had no trouble with it riding hard in the dirt. Easy to mount and remove.
  2. lakecntyrider

    DRZ 400-S Tires

    I've been riding D606's for the past two years. Primarily ride dirt. Rear was good, but had difficulty with the front washing-out. Did a query awhile back, and a number of people recommended switching to MT21's on the front. Will be doing that this weekend.
  3. lakecntyrider

    does anyone else here service their DRZ at home?

    Well, I've been doing everything at home, thanks to this forum. Lately, I've been way too busy, and decided to have the shop do a few things. Waited a week to get a call back, another week for them to order parts, and probably another week to get everything done. I think I already know the issue, as I browsed this forum. Could have done all of this in about a week, including waiting for the parts ... do it at home, if you can.
  4. lakecntyrider

    3x3 Mod And Starting Trouble

    Recently did the 3x3 mod and really happy with it. I have been riding at sea level to about 1000 feet, and have had no troubles. Last weekend, went to about 3000 feet, and had trouble with the bike starting cold for the first time. We eventually got it started, and it ran fine the rest of the day after it heated up. No troubles with it starting either. Could the difficult starting at altitude be a result of the rejet?
  5. lakecntyrider

    Turning and Setup for a DRZ

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. Already had a new front tire on the list. Looks like the next project is getting the suspension setup correct. I have not done anything with it, since I got it.
  6. lakecntyrider

    Turning and Setup for a DRZ

    Just getting back to riding after a 10 year hiatus. I've been riding my DRZ for about a year now, primarily on dirt, have Dunlop 606's on the front and back, but the bike just doesn't seem to turn very easily. The front likes to wash out as I come into a turn aggressively. Also seems that I have muscle it more than I remember too. Yes, I acknowledge this could be a rider problem, as it has taken me awhile to do things that came to me easily in the past, but in talking to another rider with a KTM and a DRZ, he notices a big difference between the two. I realize that KTM is known for turning, so maybe a poor comparison, but I was wondering if there are things I can adjust in the setup to help here (outside of trying another tire).
  7. lakecntyrider

    Did the 3x3 and jet today. NEVER want to pull this carb again.

    Same setup, same results ... although, it took longer than 2 hours ... more like 4 hours for this rookie ... getting the carb in and out was difficult ... it's tight. Admittedly, I was pretty deliberate and followed instructions from everything I read on this forum. Really happy with the results, and like other posters, wish I had done it earlier.