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  1. butt gas 300

    Want to know what 700 quids of damage to a DRZ looks like?

    replate is 120.00 in uk at langcourt in weston super mare,piston and gaskets not much more than that?.....or about 470ish for an athena kit....just matter of making the choice.
  2. butt gas 300

    Want to know what 700 quids of damage to a DRZ looks like?

    a quid is uk slang for a pound..as in the uk currency..
  3. after some feedback on what any one thinks the labour time to remove engine,seperate cases,replace selector drum and put back together would be?
  4. butt gas 300

    GasGas just announced the release of the new Nambotin replica 300

    the 05 onwards bikes have more top end than my old 03 on did.think cylinders were revised.. shame i got a tax bill to pay or i would have to replace my 06 250 with one..
  5. butt gas 300

    Athena 440 question

    just put one on my sm along with bigger header pipe,goes quite nicely just need a carb and cams to keep me amused....
  6. butt gas 300

    07 yzf250 collapses after rebuild

    2nd that...slackon off spindle and pinch bolts and try it..
  7. butt gas 300

    selling Drz400. Should i get a 250 or 450 enduro bike?

    stock drz pretty similar power to the 250fs just need to rev them a bit... if your after something lighter,more powerfull,bit more focused and still reliable then a gas gas 250 or 300 is great bike.motor is almost unbreakable,nice suspension and brakes and its not orange like most of peoples hare and hounds bikes.get an 05 or newer as they turn a little sharper than the older ones and have a high speed compression adjustment on rear shock.
  8. butt gas 300

    how much is 1st service

    i had a clutch started slipping on a 2002 s model few years back with about 2500 miles on it,the closest suzuki dealer at the time said would have to take it apart to assess it....to see if clutch was slipping?......and could book it in for around 3 weeks time. 3 weeks to take ten minutes to take clutch cover off seems a little bit excessive,could have been my only means of transport..just brought myself set of friction and drive plates and fitted as i did actualy want to ride the bike.
  9. butt gas 300

    EC300 burnt reeds

    the 300s can be quite hard on reeds,the boysen rad valve replacement reeds for a 96 yz250 fit the gas gas.and are quite a lot less money than buying them in a gas gas packet.
  10. butt gas 300

    Flywheel dosn't want to pull

    bit of an impact breaks a taper loose before trashing end of crank or trashing puller threads.
  11. butt gas 300

    Poorman's seat mod to make more touring bike like.

    i just used bubblwrap and tank tape on mine when doing a long trip,looks a bit strange but you can just peel it off when you done with long distance stuff.im in the uk and rode my sm from brighton to glasgow in a day last year. bubblwrap worked a treat..
  12. butt gas 300

    So I was in the Suzuki dealership

    ten hours?.......comedians.......took me 1hour 45 min taking top off kxf250,replacing piston and putting back together recently,didnt require shimming and wasnt rushing but just all went ok.
  13. butt gas 300

    FCR39 for my drz

    fit but the issue is with the airbox boot to rear of carb,goes on with a stretch but i wouldnt bin happy using mine off road like it.
  14. butt gas 300

    Engine seized - part 2

    carefull with the gas gas.....if you ride it too much you wont wanna get back on the drz...
  15. butt gas 300

    What are GAS GAS bikes like?

    the 05 onwards bikes ride completly different than the older ones,much better turning..that being said in 3 years of riding it i cant remember my old 03 300 ever having a bad head shake moment.both very good bikes with an almost indestructable engine and a great clutch,..oh and the fork seals on the marzocchi shivers last much longer than anything with showas or kayabas ive owned,i would think due to the coating on them.