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  1. DG525

    Tear offs?

    no, yes, yes, no to your questions. Different goggles require different kinds of tear offs designed for that model. Not all models accept tear offs or roll offs. Tear offs are usually used for dust, to give you an instant clear lens, by tearing off the top layer of film that is the shape of the lens, hense the name. You can only use so many before it impairs vision, usually 3 or 4. Roll offs are a film that is most common for muddy ridding, where you can have more vision clearing than what tear offs offer, though only in a narrow strip across your main line of sight, by pulling a string, similar to a string wound toy. The film rolls off as you pull the string to clear your main line of sight. There are models that incorporate both. Being in the desert I only use tear offs, but if I was riding where I encountered mud, I would look at models that used both types or roll offs.
  2. DG525

    525 handling

    It helped me to drop the forks a half inch and set my static rear sag to 3/4 of an inch. Do you have a stiff enough rear spring for your weight?
  3. DG525

    elbow guards

    SixSixOne makes the 2x4 sleeve style in a XL. I'm very impressed that they don't cut off circulation and are very comfortable. I wear them under my jersey. They stay in place and I just forget about them.
  4. DG525


    www.motopowervideo.com has good info DVD's you can buy on a lot of different models. Race Tech also has some nice video's and DVD's on suspension on the following link. www.racetech.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=15&subcat=81&cat=Technical+Edge+Video+Series Have fun
  5. DG525

    Should I?

    Go for it! Put a G2 Throttle Cam System in with it for sure. Maybe put a heavier fly wheel and gear it out till you get used to its gobbs of torque. It's definitly a white knuckle ride. It would be a great desert bike but, hmmm, you do live in Florida. It would be fun on hills, but hmmm, you don't have any. It would still be a lot of fun!
  6. DG525

    Tools Along for the Ride

    I like the Cruz Tool OM-14 and the Leatherman Crunch. If you carry more than that it's to much weight. If you need more than those tools can fix, have a buddy go back to the truck and get what you need. Besides those two tools, which are tools that make multiple tools, take a good dose of common sense. If you're going on some epic ride, take more tools and parts and split the load amongst your friends. If you aren't riding with your friends, don't go and refer to common sense rule.
  7. DG525

    Pirelli MT32 on closeout

    Thanks for the tip! I got greedy and bought 4 for free freight. I'm set on front tires for the year. Kinda funny though, the quantity they have available doesn't change, so who knows how many they really have or how long it will last. Best deal on tires I have ever seen though.
  8. DG525

    Fasstco Flex bars????????

    Is anyone running the Mini Flexx Bars? If so what handguards are you running with them?
  9. DG525

    Are riding boots a must?

    Yes. I rode a bike with just work boots once, and had the top of my shin hit the foot peg. After 30 years, I still carry the scar of that poor decision. Motorcycle boots provide more protection for your shins and even more so for your ankles.
  10. DG525

    Green Sticker??

    I heard someone say that 07' is the last year you can get a 2 stroke red stickered. Is there any truth to that?
  11. DG525

    Elbows in or out????

    Sounds like your friend has to wide of bars, which will give that look and cause excessive arm pump. Have him do 10 pushups on carpeting. Measure the hand impressions on the carpet, the distance from outside of palms to outside of palms, and have him cut his bars down to that width. He will have more control and less arm pump. He might turn the bars down just a little from level for a more ergonomic rowing effect, instead off feeling like he's grabing onto a long horn steer. In general it's better to have your elbows up, if your bars are the correct width, for leverage. There are exceptions, like when you go by a cactus, and then it's elbows all the way in, hehe.
  12. DG525

    e axle

    There is a lot more info on this product on KTMTalk.com. Search all forums with "e-axle" and you will pull up more than 50 threads on the topic.
  13. DG525

    Dealing With Dust

    Racing D37 I face this every race. You either get a good start or your making up ground being cautious unless you want a quick ride to the ER, and even then if you're not paying attention, it will get you. In the Desert 1/3 of how you will place is determined on the start, imho. If you're not in the top 10 to the end of the start bomb you're going to have a lot of ground to make up. If you can see, you're going at least 10 mph faster than everyone behind you. If you're in dust, back off and be safe, it's not worth the chances. In the middle of a race, I once was passing a guy in a wide sand wash, we were going about 80mph, and he was kicking up a lot of dust. In a sand wash you're thinking it's fairly safe, smooth and fast in this case. I got off his tale and I passed this guy for 3rd position and t-boned a boulder that had washed down the wash. The result was a cracked pelvis and the end of racing for a year and not feeling quite right for two years. Simple rule - If you can't see, don't go. If you have clear vision, GO! and go quick Remember, it's a passion, but it's just a passionate hobby. You have to go to work tomorrow! Dust is a part of desert racing, accept it and embrace it, if you're in front, it's your friend, if you're behind, respect it and enjoy the ride doing the best you can.
  14. I heard Sidi SRS boots are really good at keeping water out, but I think you have to have small or very narrow feet to wear them. I wear a D width and they are way to tight for me. I like the roomier Alpinestars or Garnes.
  15. DG525

    How's the best way down??

    This is my weakest part in riding and racing and have been doing a lot of reading on the subject. It's hard to filter out the good info from the not so good on boards like this. The following link seemed to be the most informative. http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/features/2005/downhill/ After talking to expert riders, the main thing is keep it flowing. DON'T lock up your brakes. Just like a car with its brakes locked up, you will skid out of control or crash. Going down in 3rd gear will give you some ABS style braking without locking up the rear. It's real hard to control your bike on flat ground going real slow, it's even harder on a 60 degree angle. So try to keep it flowing so you have more control. Try to look farther down the trail, than right at your front wheel, which you tend to do when you're frightened. Try to relax your grip and be in the attack position. Against all your insticts, give it a little gas when needed to get through rough sections. They say it helps to think of it as flat ground at an angle. As you get better and more confident, you will pick up more speed. I went riding today, and it seemed to help a lot to do what was stated, and it improved my confidence. Keep it flowing.