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  1. ryder88


    Slaab Rocky Mountain MC has the oem couplers for $11 a piece. But I think BDUBB106 had the best idea.
  2. ryder88

    Yoshimura RS4 slip on exhaust....difficult to install...

    I just put the RS 4 on last night and also had a hard time lining up the muffler to the sub frame mount location. I used a punch in the lower hole to help get it to align. But it was like a 1/8+ off when I started.
  3. ryder88

    Hard to cold start 2014

    I went out and tried to start mine and counted kicks. 20 kicks and still didn't fire. Stock coupler. 15 hrs run time.
  4. ryder88

    Hard to cold start 2014

    I just got off the phone with him and he looked through the service bulletins and updates and said it did show an update for the 2013 but not the 2014. He said bring it over and he would try starting it and the call the Suzuki rep. And see what he says. I can't get over there for a couple days so try yours tomorrow and let me know what they say too.
  5. ryder88

    Hard to cold start 2014

    Wyorever let me know what they say and I will call my dealer as well.
  6. ryder88

    Hard to cold start 2014

    Wyorever I have the stock coupler in. It fires but just never gets the motor up to speed. I am going to mess with the idle a bit and see what helps.
  7. ryder88

    Hard to cold start 2014

    So I have 15 hours on the new steed and she is still very hard to start like 12 kicks when cold. Even though the ambient temp is 90°. I pull out the starting lever always when motor is cool. Seems like it starts but just dies instead of running. Any tips or tricks to help it fire quicker? Once hot seems to start fine 1-2 kicks.
  8. ryder88

    SFF Fork preload question

    Bdubb106 is right I snugged mine up from the start and really haven't had any issues with headshake. Still going to do a revalve at some point but want to really feel it out first. Any suggestions on a suspension company? I have used pro action and factory connection in the past and been happy with both. Pro action is 45 min. From my house which is nice.
  9. ryder88

    SFF Fork preload question

    I have also been playing with the preload and tried MXA's setup this weekend with the preload full hard plus their clicker, fork height and sag settings. It worked suprisingly better and this is a moto setup I was running on single track / Atv trails rocky and roots. The fork was much more plush in the intial part of the stroke and I hit the mid stroke harshness alot less. Overall I think I may raise my forks from their flush setting back up 5mm just to bring the tight handling I bought the bike for.
  10. ryder88

    Homemade CF skid plate

    I am interested in one as well.
  11. ryder88

    crf450 jetting

    I am currently running a a 45 pilot, 178 main and 5th clip down with a jd jetting kit red needle same elevation but it has been cold lately. I also have a high compression piston.
  12. ryder88

    CRT oil filter spring in my motor???@**!

    Just get a stainless filter that has a un removable check valve. I still haven't heard from CRT after emails and a phone call no response. I also haven't found the spring I am going to keep digging it looks like the two passages that go from the oil filter one goes right to the crank the other feeds the oil jets for the head and the piston skirt.
  13. ryder88

    Amount of oil i should use in my 06 crf450r

    24 oz in the motor side with filter 22 without. 20 oz in the tranny
  14. ryder88

    CRT oil filter spring in my motor???@**!

    I already have a replacement its a ready filter that has a one piece check valve eliminating this as a problem. I am going to request CRT sends me a new springs so I can check to see if it would fit in the oil passages. I sure hope not!! I really don't want to split the cases to find the spring or even worse split them and still not find it.
  15. ryder88

    CRT oil filter spring in my motor???@**!

    I have read those threads that is where I got the info to pull the side cases. I will check the oil pump but from looking at the oil flow charts if it got into the passage ways it went straight the the crank or is stuck in a passage way to the oil jets that feed the head and the piston skirt.