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  1. On my crf450 it made it feel torquey, not so much slipping the clutch, idle down way lower without stalling but still had lots of power to climb the big hills. Nice smooth powerband with the same power, just comes on smoother.
  2. I put a flywheel weight on my crf 450r for the bush and it is great, runs almost like an xr. I think the 13 oz weight will make you happy. It seems to mellow the snap, smooth out the whole powerband. Let me know how you like it.
  3. Yamaha

  4. Yamaha

    I have a grizz 700 service manual that I could e-mail you if that would help, sorry that is all I have.
  5. I appreciate the info guys, looks like I will go to a machine shop to get the adjustment. I have big feet, size 13 so if I only go back an inch hopefully I won't have to modify my brake and shifter.
  6. Where I ride there are lots of logs which I have to hop over and I want to move my foot pegs back an inch or two so I can pop the front wheel over easier, are there any companies out there who make such a thing or should I go to a machine shop and try to get them to make something?
  7. Counter clockwise tightens the spokes. Left and right don't work so good as it depends on which side you are on.
  8. I run 1/3 av gas 100 octane with 2/3 91 octane no jetting changes. Ran like crap with 91 octane. It is leaded so might have to clean top end up after a couple of years. I think it works out to 96 octane. This is my second summer with the bike and it runs fantastic.
  9. I have a '06 450r and have tuned it for the woods. I tried the sprocket gearing (12-55) and that made it worse. After playing with it for a time I ended up with a 14 tooth front and 48 rear, I installed a weight on the flywheel (13 oz was enough for me) but the main thing was the rekluse auto clutch with the perch adjuster to set it up just right. I can now ride it on any goat trails and it still has the power when the trail opens up. I'm not sure how long my clutch will last but if I have to replace the plates every winter it will still be worth it.
  10. I have a CRF450R and I have changed my bike for the mountain playbike I wanted. First I upped my flyweight from 18 oz to 31, put a 55 tooth sprocket on the back, took the chain guide off to accomodate the larger sprocket and put a 4 gal gas tank on it. Oh ya, throw that stock chain away it is a piece of junk. Now the motor feels like an XR with lots and lots of power and I still have all the good handling and suspension of the motocross bike. Tires are not an issue with me as the bike has such great traction I buy cheap as I go through a lot of them.
  11. Another thought, you aren't touching the throttle are you, if I twist mine 1/16 of a turn it won't hit. I have to turn up the idle a quarter of a turn when hot.
  12. Anyone know where I can get a half turn throttle for my crf 450r, or if they make them? I ride in a lot of different types of stuff and some of the goat trails I end up on scare the crap out of me when that power hits, I want more control which should save on my clutch also.
  13. Pick the best line and hit it as fast as you can pulling up on the front wheel, that is if you cannot find an easy way around.