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  1. riverboatjockey

    ranting ktm

    final note. dealer is going to work with me, it is not their fault, but ktms. they have treated me with courtsey and try to please. i should not say they did not have a clue, although they did not know about the fix. anyways part are ordered and all is aat least better.
  2. riverboatjockey

    ranting ktm

    really appreciate the come backs on this. both times i broke the tooth, i was over my head on a hill climb and laid the bike over, and killed it. then it fouls the shifting up for a time. every time i hit the kill switch, it bounces back off of compression, but does not seem to be the problem. looks like the best fix is to trade up to an 06, or put the parts on that ktmtalk recommends. thanks again as the dealer has not a clue ,or is not talking about it. only way i would know was by you people.
  3. riverboatjockey

    ranting ktm

    thanks for info, i kinda like these guys, and can see their point of view, very small piece, and would have to tear motor clear down. on the other hand, i hate having the chance of a major trans failure and think you guys are rt. interesting about the 06 gear, 1st i had heard about that. i ordered an 02 gear, should i cancel that and get the 06 gear? i should not rant about the bike, it makes hero out of a zero as far as riding ability is concerned. thanks again.
  4. riverboatjockey

    ranting ktm

    just got a call from dealer to pickup 05 525 exc bike with 1000 miles on it. 2nd time for a broken starter idler gear. i have a tooth floating around and will not go to the magnet. it affects shifting, then will work fine for a while. i see from a search that on 02 idler gear might be a better gear. anyone went this route? the mechanic said to run it and hopefully it will find the magnet. i asked what the chance of going through the gears (the chipped tooth), he thought it would just grind it up as it is pretty small, i do not know about this plan. any thoughts? thanks. :