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  1. no they are not the same, the 250 has different numberbords and a different rear fender. the rest is the same as far as i know.
  2. wait, the TE310 2010 has the "old" engine and already excisting a few year, but the TE250 2010 has a brand new engine (and there is not yet an 310 kit for). So if you are thinking of buying a new 310, there should be enough information floating around
  3. i only heard about a new 250 4-stroke engine for 2009, i don't think they will change the 450-510 engine's or the 2-strokes... (the '08 450-510 engines are already upgraded)
  4. Well, i live in the Netherlands. The new price of a Husqvarna smr 510 2008 is a total 10.000 euro (plated). that is incl. 19,6 % BPM (Tax for new bike's or imported) (1300 euro) and the "normal" tax of 19% 10.000 euro = 15167 US dollar ( And for a car, you need to pay 45,2% BPM... and then a tax for how much gas it uses per mile.)
  5. even a 5.5 will fit
  6. I have a smr 510 "06 with almost 10.000 miles on it. The list here underneath should al be replaced under guarenty but i never had an maintancebook or what ever they call it. so i got some under guarenty and some not... - 2x broken down computer (i drive often in the rain) - 1x complete clutch (manufactor failure > clutchbasket had a dent when installed new inside the factory) And now i have an problem with my clutch, probably the clutch slave cylinder o-ring (like 'ride' wrote) , it is now at an husqvarna dealer also for an checkup and some minor mods. And i had to re-shim 2 valves at 2000 miles, never moved again. After all i am very happy with my bike, way more reliable then my crf '02 sm-converted i had before....
  7. i know the new FI 450/510 2008 models have 2 maps, 1 restricted (to pass enviroment rules) and 1 unrestricted.... Maybe this is also with the 2008 FI 610??? How much KW/HP is notified on your paper? (i mean that paper/ the proof that you are the owner of the vehicle)
  8. Almost every aftermarket brand who makes rims has them in red. I am sure that Excel, WRP and San Remo makes them! (The rims on that 08 are probably San Remo's)