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  1. 2fast4u400

    bike wont start- weird!

    im in the uk, so its a uk model, its the sy model, i looked at the plug, it did spark but i had a crosser that sparked still, but when replaced the bike ran fine.
  2. 2fast4u400

    bike wont start- weird!

    hi guys need help.... i went out the other night- bike was fine, came back after it was parked up and it started fine, left on tick over whilst i got my lid and gloves on then just as i touched the bars 2 get on, it just died, turned it over for a wile and just didnt start, did backfire a bit- but sounded like decompression backfires- the bike would sometimes fire up and run then die- wats up, please help, the bike does have fuel and it is turned on! thanks people! ps i dont have the swich on the stand- i can start on stand
  3. 2fast4u400

    any young guys street riding?

    hello mate, i am 17 and love my DRZ i have been riding for years also, but passed my bike test 2 weeks ago and this DR makes me smile every time i open her up, she power wheelie, clutch wheelies, sits at 20mph perfect and sits at 70mph perfect. i wanted a gsxr 600 instead of this but i love this so much i doubt il change just yet. riding is dangerous but so is going to town on the bus!!!! get one of these its brilliant mate
  4. 2fast4u400

    new drz owner, what to wear?

    hello guys, am really proud to be part of this forum! picked up my drz today and love everything about it! have a yoshi can, and powerbomb lower system. its a 2000 model SY. my test is in a month and what to get myself a new helmet-motocross style, a jacket and gloves, already have alpinestar tech 8s from my motocross days but i want to know what lid, jacket and gloves to buy that would suit the bike and look the dogs ! thanks alot peps! ps got any wheelie tips for me???
  5. 2fast4u400

    how often?

    if i am riding everyday, how often should i change my oil, and when should i change my filter? thanks guys