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  1. Yeehaw715

    Who wears the Thor Sentinel?

    I'm 5'9, 185 and I wear a sentinal with a leatt. I am on the outer limit of the fit. Before I got the leatt it would ride up. The leatt holds it down now. I don't think I would buy one if I were your size.
  2. Yeehaw715

    ? Tracks near DFW, Texas

    Most places around here are closed on Monday. Try Shady Grove in Irving or Marshall creek in Trophy Club. www.shadygrovemotocross.com
  3. Does the heating or icing have a medical benifit or does it just ease the pain?
  4. Yeehaw715

    05 YZ85 setup

    Looking for some help with set-up on my sons 05 YZ85. He's moving from beginner to intermediate in 07 and is just now charging fast enough to benefit from more precise set-up. He's 13 years old 5'4"-110 lbs. I'm looking for help with suspension settings including fork position in the clamps. Aslo, jetting and any help with mod's that will produce a smoother power curve. I would like to make it faster without making it pipey if possible.
  5. Yeehaw715

    Texas Motocross Park

    Thanks. I think I'll try River Valley too!
  6. Yeehaw715

    Texas Motocross Park

    I got a flyer at Whitney a couple of weeks ago about this track. Does anyone have any information. It's supposed to be out by Texas Motor Speedway.
  7. Raced at Whitney a couple of weeks ago. 50's, 65's, and 85's raced on Saturday. Sunday practice was at 8:00am, my first moto at 2:00pm and the second moto at 6:00pm. Everones second moto was reduced from 5 laps to 3 and the track was shortened by about .3 miles. There's no room for more classes.
  8. Niether should be disadvantaged. Even the field. Make it a matter of personal preference. The new rules are as bad as the old ones. What's the NMA doing these days?
  9. The point of my first post was the last sentence. The proposed class system is as unfair as it is now, it would just favor 2 strokes.
  10. I race the vet class on a 250F. I have spent much time behind 450F's and 250's and that were slower. In the vet class we are in it for the fun. I sometimes catch another race in the 125b class. They are aggressive and will put a quick end to a slow wide rider ahead. When there are huge differences in hp the guys on the slower bikes will have to be more aggressive. Sets up a bad situation and should be fixed.
  11. 250F's will not get good starts against 250's. The 250's will exit corners and run staights faster. The better rider on a 250F will only be able to pass on entry into corners and when the other guy makes mistakes. I forsee a lot of 250's over the berm and into the trees. If the horsepower in a class isn't equal (especially in amatuer) the safety of the race is compromised. The AMA needs to make a correction, it is unfair the way it is now, but creating an imbalance in the opposite direction isn't the solution either.
  12. Yeehaw715

    I Have a problem with my 06 kxf

    If you've had the slide out of the carb, make sure the backfire plate was put back in correctly. The side with the tapered corners goes up. If you put it in upside down you would have to crank the idle srew way up to get the bike to idle cold then it runs away hot so you crank it down on the track and create a lean condition which causes the bike to breath through the pipe and pop every time you close the throttle.
  13. Yeehaw715

    06 KX250F for me?

    A four stroke is much easier to ride than a two stroke. The useable power starts just past idle and pulls almost to the rev-limiter. If you're not racing your two stroke now its unlikely that you will have an over-rev problem with a four stroke. If you buy a new bike with a stock pipe you'll notice that acceleration tapers as you approach the top end (like your two stroke only not as drastic). You don't hear many bikes hit the rev-limiter when the rear wheel is in the dirt. Tapping whoops, panick revs when jumping, and starts are where you most often hear the rev-limiter. As for maintenance, buy an hour meter (Sears or most mx parts vendors), change the oil and filter every 5 hours, check the valve clearance every 2 hours until the bike is broken in then every 5 hours, clean the air filter every time you ride, and check the oil level in the sight glass before you start the bike (every time). I find that for every 5 hours I ride I have about 2 hours of maintenance. A two stroke takes about half as much time. I wouldn't buy a used four stroke unless it was my only option to continue riding. If I did buy one from a stranger I would go through the top end and change the oil before the first hour logged on the hour meter.
  14. Yeehaw715

    texas jetting

    42 pilot, 180 main (some use 178), 3 down on the needle. Bike is stock except for an FMF 4.1 SL. If you're going through Fort Worth on Wednesday Village Creek has a practice from 1pm until dark. www.villagecreekmx.com Good luck!
  15. Yeehaw715

    Starting problem

    Fixed it. The idle screw was way out of whack.