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  1. 93210-45708-00 is the yamaha number for the oil filter o-ring. Does anybody have a cross reference so i could go to autoparts buy the o-ring, my dealer doesnt have it in stock... thanks in advance
  2. I studded my 450 yesterday, so the quickest fix to fuel in the oil is still taping half of the rad?
  3. Its a GYTR from yamaha dealer. Im not totaly happy with it, id buy a work connection if id buy another one. You can see a gap between the front section of the plate and the Y of the frame. The weld on the side front bolt hole is cracked too.
  4. the 450 have way more power, turn better, and it is more stable. that being said, i still love the feeling of the 250, it feel more nimble at low speed and 2 stroke are so much fun. Every ride its a hard decision on witch bike ill ride,it turns i choose the 450 more often, i guess its because it was new a few months ago...
  5. Frank_z28

    Winter Tire

    Hi, im looking to make a set of winter/ice. I will do some "winter enduro" and ice riding (frozen lake). I think the trelleborg are nice but a bit pricey and not sure how they work on ice. Ive read that the best front tire to stud is a Dunlop K490. Is that the best choice? What should i buy for rear tire? i was looking at www.mf44.ca for the stud.
  6. Frank_z28

    what was your 1st dirt bike???

    A white/pink 91 yz80!
  7. My 2010. 37,52 hours on it no problem what so ever, just regular maintenance.
  8. Frank_z28

    2011 Gas Gas Mexico Six Days

    Does this edition come with the ohlins fork as on the nambotin?
  9. I open them with viewnx (nikon software) then you can tranfers them in jpeg. Canon probably have their own program.
  10. Frank_z28

    Just added kickstand!

    I gota pmb on my 05 250 smoker and i absolutly love it. Im happy to see they have one for the 10 450, i think ill order mine soon.
  11. Frank_z28


    I hope if they did modify the gasket its gonna be a direct fit on the 10... i dont have any leak on mine tho.
  12. Frank_z28


    yamaha canada showed the 2011 bike, good news, their still 2 stroke avaible no update on them tho. the 450 Special edition graphic look sick imo... i think ill update my 2010 like that at the end of the season http://yamaha-motor.ca/products/products.php?color=BK&model=3571&group=M#contentTop
  13. Hi, im about to buy a Neck brace. Im looking at the EVS RC Evolution race collar. Do you know if it fit with a body armor (six six one)? That model is one of the less expensive on the market, do you have good review/comment about it? thanks
  14. Frank_z28

    Tire life Geomax 51

    Is the MX31 really better in sand/soft and does it last long?
  15. Frank_z28

    Yz 250 jetting chart

    EXACTLY what i was looking for Thanks buddy!