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  1. CRF-Rider

    Nervous track rider

    Race town 395 there vet tracks really nice
  2. CRF-Rider

    shifting in the air

    so ur saying that i just stay in first gear and i never ever shift?!?!?!?!??!
  3. CRF-Rider

    Black or Silver engine

    white cuz the black with just wear off and ull see silver under it
  4. CRF-Rider

    spark plug problem

    u can run a br9eix or the br8eix
  5. CRF-Rider

    shifting in the air

    yea im 14 !! whats it to ur slow ASS
  6. CRF-Rider

    Honda Crf 450 Vs. Yamaha Yz 450f

    do u want a 5 or 4 speed trany? hondas 5 and yammahas 4
  7. CRF-Rider

    shifting in the air

    u dont race
  8. CRF-Rider

    shifting in the air

    my ablities????? OK?!?! what ever u lap riders THNK
  9. CRF-Rider

    shifting in the air

    Yea Very!
  10. CRF-Rider

    shifting in the air

    OK REDBEARD!!! FUNNY!!! yea im only 14 and i know a shit a lott more about any dirtbike then ur slow ass!!!
  11. My 450 was all YELLOW!! when i bought! it was NICE! It had Red and yellow big gun graphics but the first crash the looked like baby poo lolol
  12. CRF-Rider

    Cylinder on 02' YZ-125

    Calll Millinuion technologys and they will Re nickle plate it
  13. I do it all the time but its just a way of riding!