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  1. Race town 395 there vet tracks really nice
  2. so ur saying that i just stay in first gear and i never ever shift?!?!?!?!??!
  3. white cuz the black with just wear off and ull see silver under it
  4. u can run a br9eix or the br8eix
  5. yea im 14 !! whats it to ur slow ASS
  6. do u want a 5 or 4 speed trany? hondas 5 and yammahas 4
  7. u dont race
  8. my ablities????? OK?!?! what ever u lap riders THNK
  9. Yea Very!
  10. OK REDBEARD!!! FUNNY!!! yea im only 14 and i know a shit a lott more about any dirtbike then ur slow ass!!!
  11. My 450 was all YELLOW!! when i bought! it was NICE! It had Red and yellow big gun graphics but the first crash the looked like baby poo lolol
  12. Calll Millinuion technologys and they will Re nickle plate it
  13. I do it all the time but its just a way of riding!