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  1. hi ya i got a 04 cr 250, when i sit on the bike the rear suspension compresses to much. is it just a case of putting a stiffer spring on the rear , or will this mess the handling up does it need re valving. cheers, PS i way 17 stone if that helps
  2. cheers 4 that mate, great help
  3. hiya, does any 1 know if a 2002 hose kit will fit a 2004 cr 250?
  4. hi ya, does any 1 know how much play there should be on a 2004 cr 250 rear caliper sliders. cos if i grab the caliper it has play in the sliders if any, and would that cause it to warp my disk
  5. theres no were to ride in this country apart from mx tracks! and if you do go out you get chased by the police. does any 1 no were i can go? legally!
  6. check my garage!
  7. sounds good to mate.cheers
  8. hiya, does any 1 know how much it roughly costs to have your susp set up 4 your weight?
  9. does any 1 know what tke compression sould be??????????????
  10. what compression should it be
  11. how often do i need change the piston and rings on my 04 cr 250r, taking into consideration im not the fastest off riders
  12. in the bike trader the got a 1992 cr 80 for £595
  13. i put a clean air filter in!!
  14. jst washed my 2004 cr250R and now it wont start! so i put a fresh lot of petrol in and a new plug, but still wont start. its got a good spark and its getting fuel in to cylinder? please some body help me!