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    High HOrse DRZ Vs. 690 SMC

    I recently went from a 56hp DRZ to the 690 SMC and I have no regrets. The SMC is much nicer to ride and the suspension is 10x better than the drz. SMC also has awesome brake unlike the spongy drz. Even with braided brake lines the drz brakes were disappointing. To get the drz to the standard of the smc is not just a case of throwing cash at the engine. The brakes and suspension as mentioned need sorting so that's more cash. Also the smc comes with quality tyres unlike the poo ones on the drz. The SMC also gets excellent fuel economy with the Fi and will do 130ish miles to a tank. Don't get me wrong, I loved my DRZ but the SMC has too many advantages, especially if you have the cash to spend.
  2. Ouch, that was low . Actually, I did have a spell in front and nearly came a cropper with a 4x4 myself so Grant kindly took the lead again to check for more:busted:
  3. Ah yes, other than the spill it was a decent ride. It was a bit disturbing to come around the corner and find Grant lying still in the road . He jumped up soon enough tho and continued with his usual hooligan antics!! Bloody 4x4s taking up the whole freakin road:foul:

    UK TT DRZ Boxhill Meet

    Cheeky git - what about the awesome photo I took of you from our last ride hmm? Go on - post it up and apologise Niel, I have defected to the orange side but am still lurking here. Hope the hand gets better in the long run mate I might appear for this meet but won't know for def until closer to the day.

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    No, it's not a projector type headlight.

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    I'll take some more pics when it finally stops raining.

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    Pretty much the same, but heavier at the rear due to the fuel tank.

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    I've never ridden a 640 so I couldn't say. I did however have a 56bhb DRZ with an FCR41. The throttle response is very sharp but not as brutal as with the FCR. I can't really make a good comparison until I have my akrapovic system with the akra map. I feel the standard exhaust with the cat ischoking the bike a lot.

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    Some pics for you: When I first got it: Decided it needed the back end and indicators sorting and binned the mirrors too: Also threw some axle sliders on and removed the massive plastic chainguard from the swingarm.
  10. DRZ-HEAD

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    I can't load pics till I get home (work pc can't get photobucket) The bike is sooooo much fun. Only done 350 miles so far and the engine feels like it's starting to loosen up a bit. It's deceptively fast but definitely needs the akrapovic exhaust as it feels a bit choked up. I have the map selector switch set on "advanced" and it's very responsive on the throttle. I tried the "standard" map setting and it was crap - too unresponsive for me Tyres provide excellent grip and handling is pretty sharp. The front brake is brutally powerful. Also, the headlight is excellent, very bright indeed. One thing I am going to change is the front sprocket. Standard is 16 and I'm gonna go for a 15 as the gears are too long for my liking. Never had a slipper clutch before but I'm liking it so far. Who knows, I might even master backing it in
  11. DRZ-HEAD

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    Yup - got mine last Tuesday. Running it in at the mo
  12. DRZ-HEAD

    2008 Ktm 690 Smc; Best Photo's Yet!

    Fair enough. I wonder what the standard offset is on these? I've googled but can't find an answer
  13. DRZ-HEAD

    2008 Ktm 690 Smc; Best Photo's Yet!

    All I know is that they are in the KTM powerparts catalogue for the 690 SMC.
  14. DRZ-HEAD

    2008 Ktm 690 Smc; Best Photo's Yet!

    Just had a look at mine and the standard triple clamps are not billet. However, some nice anodised billet items are available from ktm. http://ktm.com/index.php?id=248&powerpartID=20082259&isotype=0
  15. DRZ-HEAD

    A dislike for cagers just got worse!

    Jesus Grant, what the hell did you do in a previous life to get all this bad luck???