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  1. Price out a new top end for both bikes then it will be an easy decision.
  2. MMotohead

    funny barcia photo

    I meant having a clean moto without crashing. I meant looks like Lawrence not acts like him. Sorry for not being clear. Barcia obviously has talent but he has not found the line of speed vs control. Too often he crosses over and crashes. Right now he is just a fast top ten guy. It will take a seasoned manager to teach him how to be a top three guy at the end of the season. Everyone likes a fast guy with heart. The factories hire the fast guy with heart who finishes race.
  3. MMotohead

    Temporary Clutch Fix??

    Washers about the size of a spark plug washer used to be the in the field solution to make it thru the day. When the fiber plates slip they get a glaze on them. Roughing them up by doing a figure 8 on sandpaper laid on a flat surface gets the plates to grab again. These fixes I would do if I was on a trip but if you have access to new parts dont bother.
  4. MMotohead

    funny barcia photo

    Did he crash? That's funny because he crashes more than riding clean. The black eyes are from a crash 2 weeks ago. He looks alot like that guy that lost the Yamaha ride then spiraled down hill. Forget his name.
  5. MMotohead

    good or stupid trade

    You would lose at least $500 in value.
  6. MMotohead

    Locking up bike in open trailer

    Like I said thieves like package deals. Drive the truck away attached to the trailer and chains are pointless. I know of four cases where this has happened. Disable the truck! I personally would find another hotel where you can roll the bike into the room.
  7. MMotohead

    Locking up bike in open trailer

    Thieves like package deals. Drive the car away and the chains become pointless.
  8. MMotohead

    Talon Complete Wheel Sets

    Nice stuff but why??? Glad you blingsters are around to keep the economy going. Save your money and buy something that goes up in value.
  9. MMotohead

    what to do for better performance

    I have the same bike in my stable and it runs great bone stock. Motor needs nothing but a competent rider. Set the suspension and twist the throttle.
  10. MMotohead

    TRADE? Need your opinions

    In my area the quad in good shape is worth over 3K. I would trade and use the quad strictly as a sand dune toy.
  11. MMotohead

    CRF250R Reliability

    If that's 6K US that's too much money in CA market. It's the valves that fail the Hondas. I wouldn't fight it, just start looking for a YZF.
  12. MMotohead

    We have all been there

    I think an adult that has taught their own kids to ride is more willing to teach others. That person probably has a Ttr 125 type bike in the garage so it's no problem. I have taught around 25 people to ride over the years and have never had a problem. Some have gone on to race and others never bought their own. ALL had a blast and love me for giving them that experience. If you only have one bike and it's a race bike then tell that guy you don't have the right bike to learn on and help him find one. If you have an XR 250 or even a 250X then you have the ability to teach him just not the willingness.
  13. MMotohead

    Ugly white flex marks.

    For one, a tip over or slow speed washout isnt what I call a crash. Thats an inconvenience. Second, at any race compare how many beginners vs experts crash. Way more beginners and they would get lapped by the fast guys. The typical expert knows the limits, is much more skilled, and doesnt want to crash. The slow guys have less skill, take more risk and are willing to crash more. I have helped load over a dozen crashers into an ambulance or Life flight heli., then called the parents or wife. Believe me, you dont want to crash and thinking its ok to crash is wrong. Dont crash and ride a lifetime. Or be a crasher and be one of those people who used to ride. As for plastic, the blue stuff is durable but it looks like crap the soonest.
  14. MMotohead

    Ugly white flex marks.

    That's a load of crap. Crashing means you made a mistake. Thinking that crashing is normal means you will eventually have a career ending crash. Don't crash and ride a lifetime. You can be expert level fast and not crash. As far as Yamaha plastic, white crease marks happen when they shouldn't. Plastic is supposed to be forgiving and durable which Yamaha does a poor job at.
  15. MMotohead

    05 crf250r seat foam

    I hope your search to find a soft seat so that you can be comfortable sitting down on your race bike goes well.