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  1. Beers

    why quads

    You guys need to look at the positives.... All the new cut trails that quads make that are just like the one 10 feet to the side. Beer-bottles just add another challenge to avoid. The McDonald wrappers may find their way as part of a birds nest. And the best one.. When ya just gotta piss and their is no were with hard ground(Florida swamp), a crushed beer-can works wonders under the footstand.
  2. Beers

    Steering lock

    Thanks guys, could only get it to go in the first step before...seems it was never used by prev owner so may have been a little frozen, but got it to work! Was afraid to break something as I'm known to overtighten and snap things quite often.
  3. Beers

    Steering lock

    Got a 400s a few weeks back, anyway with the bars hard to left(well tried full range) i cant seem to get the steering lock to turn more than say 30-40 deg counter-clockwise, it can also push in the keyhole part almost 1/4 of an inch. First time with bike with steering lock so may be doing something wrong...or anyone know of something that needs done? Had to take a hammer-drill to my mustang when the ignition froze one mourning...not something i want to do to the bike.
  4. Beers

    Someone stole my bike

    Aye i just saw and picked up a flyer for the bike lowjack. Think it could be hidden at all on our bike tho were it wouldn't get seen/riped off fairly quick?
  5. Beers

    Riding in mud*******************

    BAh, only one crash from changing quad ruts today after ridding in mud all day, dont do them slow and you should be aliright(unless there deep)....More problems from were the quads randomly stop and spin out a deep spot and that turns into really soft stuff, hit one today at 35+...front wheel dugg in and i went flying..
  6. Beers

    Take your kids on your ride!

    I can say from experience from when i was little on the back of my dads Harley..Fall asleep once, get scared the shit out of when you wake up from a bump and it will never happen again. sept i was probaly 8 or 9
  7. Anyone try the CHENG SHIN C858 ? Especially in the mud and hows the front on the road? http://www.americanmototire.com/index.html?lang=en-us&target=d226.html
  8. Beers

    Buying an 04 drz

    New to duelsports/dirt and never bought a used bike before. Went to look at a 2004 drz400s with 3000 miles all stock, everything on it looks great, almost all street miles, plastics almost perfect(small scuff near rear from boot going over), all lights work, starts hot/cold(as cold start you can get in south fl summer), runs through the gears smoothly. Is their a dipstick on this bike to check what the oil looks like or do i need to pull the plug to check the condition? Anything else i should look at/lookout for? Ohh and rear tire is a little worn down for offroad, what would a decent tire cost me most likely? And how does 4k sound pricewise?